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If you’re looking for that full, luscious hair look that the runway models have, look no further because getting bombshell hair this holiday season is just a few steps away! Despite the cold and drying winter air, your hair can still look incredible, believe it or not. Try these simple tips for getting bombshell hair, which start in the morning and end at night. No, you don’t have to spend tons of time on your hair all day, but do follow these simple tips that will require a little effort morning and night. After all, bombshell hair doesn’t just come along easily like bedhead hair!

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Shampoo First

Shampoo First In the morning, the first thing you should do to get your bombshell hair started out right, is start with a clean scalp. Shampoo and condition your hair as normal.


Dry Natural

Dry Natural Next, either dry your hair about 50% with a towel and leave it half wet, or let it air dry. This helps hair become more porous, and the leftover moisture will help give it a natural shine when it’s time to pull out your blow dryer. Go do your makeup and eat breakfast while your hair dries so it has time to dry.


Add Some Volume

Add Some Volume Next, you’re going to need to add some kind of volumizer to your hair. Either using a root spray or a volumizing spray, start to massage it into your scalp.


Pin It up

Pin It up Now, pin up your hair on top of your head, for at least an hour. This gives the volumizer time to start working and allows your hair to dry a bit more. Letting it sit before drying creates better results. Try leaving it pinned up for most of the day, even until night. This is best done on a Saturday for a special event out, or if you’re not working. Also, if you don’t have all day to let it stay up, then one hour should do the trick.


Blow It out

Blow It out Next, it’s time to blow dry your hair. Flip your head over and start massaging your scalp as you dry your hair on high. This creates tons of volume and you’re activating the root spray or volumizer to add extra height and volume.


Consider Ionic

Consider Ionic When drying your hair, consider using an Ionic blow dryer which will cut the drying time in half and reduce frizz. This also protects your hair from styling damage and seals the cuticles of your hair. Using the concentrator on the blow dryer also allows you to control the direction of the air, which gives you a smoother look. When it’s completely dry, stop your dryer. Flip your head back over now.


Grab Your Brush

Grab Your Brush Next, using a small, ceramic brush, start to brush out your hair. It should be very thick at this point. It’s best to use a round brush, but if you don’t have one, just brush your hair, rounding the ends of your hair around your brush. Make sure all the tangles are out


Curl It

Curl It Separate your hair into 4 seconds with 2 in the front, and 2 in the back. Using a wide barrel curling iron, about 1½ inches thick, point it at a vertical angle to your head and curl hair away from your face in small sections. Start out at the root, but still keep it away from your scalp to prevent burning. You want to twirl your hair around the iron, like cascading waves. Leave the ends out of the iron, which gives you that wavy, sexy look instead of tight ringlets.


Finger Brush

Finger Brush Now that you have all your hair curled in sections, use your fingers to brush out loosely. Don’t “brush” your curls out, but comb your fingers through just enough to loosen the sections into one full piece. Also use your fingers to grab hair at the root and “fluff” with your fingers.


Finish It up

Finish It up Now, choose a quality hairspray that’s not gel based or sticky, but aerosol instead. Spray your entire head and you’re done!


Protect It

Protect It One last tip you should know in keeping your bombshell hair looking great all night is to be sure to protect it. Though you've sprayed it, avoid smoky areas that dry it out and leave it frizzy, and be sure to carry an umbrella if you're heading out in case you run into rain. Moist conditions tend to make your hair frizzy, so consider carrying anti-frizz agent with you if frizz is a problem for you as well.

Bombshell hair really isn’t too hard to achieve .Just take these simple steps and you’ll be on your way in no time!
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