7 Tutorials for Fabulous DIY Hair Accessories ...


7 Tutorials for Fabulous DIY Hair Accessories ...
7 Tutorials for Fabulous DIY Hair Accessories ...

Tutorials for DIY hair accessories are my favorite part of YouTube! It's the part I like to take a peek in quite often, just to remind myself that creativity is neither dead nor inferior to hyped, mass produced stuff! Now, I don’t know if you’ve been experimenting with DIY hair embellishments before but, trust me, that’s one of the best ways to satisfy that craving for something new without having to go out, spend a lot of money on this or that just to realize the whole thing was nothing but an impulse purchase. Oh, and the creativity, now we shouldn’t forget that – should we? Well, that’s one extra reason to check out these DIY hair videos below and gather some great ideas for future projects:

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Cloth Rosette DIY Hair Embellishments

Super cute, romantic and oh-so versatile! This is one of those tutorials for DIY hair accessories you don’t want to miss out on! Discover a skill you didn’t know you have – start crafting now, starting with this easy DIY! These cute, cloth rosettes are a perfect way to touch up a few spare bobby pins and turn them into something fantastic or a budget-friendly way to have a new clip or a headband that matches your outfit every time!


Jeweled Hair Clips

Oh la la! Now, here’s a little something-something to help you accessorize your hair for a glamorous event! Or, in case you’re into the whole baroque inspired trend and have some clothes to complete the look, you can definitely turn to this second on my list of DIY hair videos for some inspiration!


Adorable Ice Cream DIY Hair Embellishment

Too kooky for big girls? No way! I’d gladly rock a delicious hair accessory such as this! In fact, what better way is there to keep a little tasty, colorful piece of summer with you in these cold, rainy days? Super-simple to do, super-adorable, super-cute and oh…no special crafting skills needed! Give it a try – it’s a must!


DIY Pearl Bobby Pins

Classy, trendy and oh so easy to do! Oh, and in case you’ve read my post on trendy ways to wear pearls, you’ll have to agree that this is a very budget-friendly way to rock a Chanel inspired look! A bit of wire, regular bobby pins and large faux pearls are all the supplies you’ll need and the actual outcome…well, that depends on you! You can follow the instructions to the letter or come up with a design of your own. Experiment and oh, do hit that “next” button below as I have more amazing tutorials for DIY hair accessories to share and, trust me, you don’t want to miss out on THAT!


Cute Button DIY Hair Embellishments

Ah, well this interesting DIY hair video definitely gives the popular expression “Cute as a button” a new meaning! Or does it…because these homemade button hair combs and pins really are totally adorable! Take a peek, give it a go – I’m sure you have some nice buttons laying around just waiting to be used in this way!


Amazing Floral Hair Embellishment

Super-creative, totally unique and even a bit vintage-y looking – this tutorial for DIY hair accessories is a must see! What a great way to recycle old magazines or newspapers and turn them into something that will benefit your looks! The funny thing is this – you'll get a lot of ideas by reading a magazine, then you'll actually get to use it in a creative way instead of trashing it! Cool, huh?


Stretchy Chain Headband

Whoa! Speaking about amazing tutorials for DIY hair accessories, this last on today’s list of must sees is a real treat! Who knew something as basic as a stretchy comb headband (which I find too plain to wear outside the house, by the way) could be turned into a statement piece! DIY it, slip it onto your head and instantly transform your everyday non-accessorized hairstyle into a downright gorgeous half up do!

Now, don’t tell me these video tutorials for DIY hair accessories aren’t worth a shot! And the only thing you’ll need to decide on right now is what DIY hair embellishment you’re going to do first! So? Which one will it be?

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The sweet treat pins are actually really easy and cute! Must try and give as small presents. :)

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