7 Tutorials on Cool Protective Hairstyles ...


7 Tutorials on Cool Protective Hairstyles ...
7 Tutorials on Cool Protective Hairstyles ...

Cool protective hairstyles are always a great option for everyday wear! After all, let’s not forget that a protective up do won’t only look good but help you limit the amount of stress your hair has to deal with on daily basis! But let me skip the big speech and show you these awesome protective hairstyles right now:

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Classy Protective Hairstyle

Check this out ladies! Now this is definitely one super nice hairstyle you can wear just anywhere! Work, date…you name it! And, oh, do I even have to mention how super-easy it is to make and how absolutely handy it’s going be in times when you don’t know what to do with an old twist out? I guess not! Check it out and let me know what you think!


Stylish Scarf up do

This absolutely trendy look is sort of a on-the-go protective up-do you try whenever you’re late, need to look super-fabulous and don’t want your ends to suffer for it. It’s great for those hot summer days, it’s definitely going to score you some major style points plus it’s easy to make and a very interesting way to dress up hair that has decided to go crazy overnight.


Romantic Flower up do

Speaking about cool protective hairstyles – how about something sexy, romantic, with a little bit of a Latin spice to it? Oh yes, this is definitely one wonderful up do you should have in mind! An whether it’s a date, shopping with girl friends, party or some sort of a special event you’re dressing up for, I bet this protective hairstyle is going to complete your look perfectly!


Funky Protective Hairstyle

Okay, ladies, let me first point of the obvious and say that this is not a tutorial but merely an idea on how you might want to braid your hair in case you’re planning on tucking it in a braid and letting it grow for a longer period of time. I absolutely love these braids and I’d say this is definitely one of the most interesting totally cool protective hairstyles I’ve seen in a while!


Protective up do for Dressing up Hair

Dressing up a braided or twisted style has never been easier and I’m sure this will be one of those protective hairstyles you’ll love to wear often! It’s so simple, so easy to make and yet looks very sweet and kind of dressed up! Just what a girl needs!


Vintage Inspired up do

Styling your old twist out into a vintage-looking up do that also happens to be a protective up do is actually quite simple and there are many ways to wear this look! This is a cute, totally basic version of it but you can add a fascinator, a scarf or bandana or pretty much any accessory you want. Give it a shot – I bet you’ll like it.


Rockabilly up do

A rockabilly up do is one of those cool protective hairstyles you simply must try for yourself! Your ends will be safely tucked in under a scarf, the hair doesn’t have to be perfectly manageable, plus it’s a trendy popular summer style!

What do you think about these cool protective hairstyles and are there any other awesome protective up dos you’d like to suggest? Do share!

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Love these! But what about protective styles for shorter hair

Thank you so much for these tips.

Great post. this just made me love this site even more. So versatile. <3

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