7 Amazing Styles for Curly Hair ...


7 Amazing Styles for Curly Hair ...
7 Amazing Styles for Curly Hair ...

There are so many cute styles for curly hair, you’re bound to want to give them a try this summer… loose waves, tight curls, whatever you have, or can get with the assistance of a curling iron or soup-can rollers. No need to flip through countless magazines looking for style tips for curly hair; I have the cutest styles just in time for summer right here! Here are 7 amazingly cute styles for curly hair… let’s go, girls!

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Short Bob

If you have the right shape face for it, curly hair can look chic and gorgeous in a chin-length bob, with or without long bangs. Keep your curls in check with a serum or let them go wild and see which you like best!


Long, Loose Layers

I love this style for curly hair. It’s so romantic, and you can do so many things with it! Long, loose layers are great for girls with curls! You decide if bangs will work with this style or not, depending on how kinky your curls are, and how they react to humidity and styling tools and products.


Low Side Pony

Go ultra-romantic with this style for curly hair. While your hair is still damp, finger-comb and gather it to one side under your ear. Tie loosely with a cloth-covered ponytail holder, then pull it over your shoulder. Add a floral hair clip behind your ear on that side, and you have the most romantic date-night hair ever! Or, you can steal a little thunder from the Hunger Games stylists and instead of a loose side pony, try a loose side braid.


High Ponytail

Add some drama with this style for curly hair. After towel-drying, add a frizz-control serum, then bend at the waist and gather all your hair in a high ponytail. Fasten with a hair tie that matches our hair color, then flip back up, finger-comb the ponytail, spray with extra hold spray, then finger-comb your bangs back away from your face. Use loads of black kohl around your eyes, layers of inky black mascara, apply nude lipstick, and you’re ready for a night of clubbing and high drama!


Messy Bun

Day at the beach? Lunch with the girls? Studying at the library? Either way, your hair will be ultra-cute and summer-ready with this cute style for curly hair. While your hair is still a little damp, finger-comb into a messy ponytail, then wind the ponytail around the base until it’s a loose bun. Clip in place with bobby pins, and add a whimsical hair clip to keep your bangs back, if you like. Co cute, so studious, so ready for whatever summer sends your way!

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Retro Pin-up Girl Waves

Nicole Kidman rocks this look like no-one else! Apply straightening serum to your hair, then finger, comb into long, loose waves that frame your face just so. Use a light pomade and ultra-hold spray to keep them in place, then tuck one side sleekly behind you ear. Move over, Jessica Rabbit! Dangerous curls ahead!


Go Big, Full Volume!

Sometimes it’s best to just let curly hair do its own thing, and this summer is the perfect time to try this look. Apply anti-frizz serum to towel-dried hair, flip upside down and finger comb. Turn right-side up, style with your fingers, and go… it’s that easy! Be sure to bring along a hairband or ponytail holder in case your curls get a little out of hand… but give it a go!

Won’t summer be a blast with all these cute styles for curly hair? No need to break out the heat-damaging flat iron or that silly diffuser for your hair dryer, either! Which of these styles for curly hair do you like best, and which will you try first? Or do you have another style tip for curly hair you’d like to share? Please do!

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I can tell this person does not have curly hair...

Try leaving in most (or all) of your conditioner when you wash your hair, do not use shampoo, I know this might freak some of you out, but you can just use the same conditioner and wash your scalp then your hair rinse gently and then load up with lots of conditioner, finger-comb it through and squeeze out excess water/conditioner in a scrunching kind of action. Use a microfiber cloth or old cotton t-shirt to dry, NO RUBBING, gentle squeeze and let air dry. it will dry with a somewhat hard or crunchy cast on it, when it is TOTALLY dry use your hands and scrunch to loosen curls. they will be defined and soft. to avoid frizz apply a gel as needed, a little water will also rejuvenate lightly fuzzy curls, just spritz and scrunch.

I have color treated, fine,naturally curly hair but a ton of it. The big issue I have with my hair is that I cannot find a conditioner that gives me enough hydration without all of the weight or residue that most products leave behind. This is what makes my hair fuzzy and lifeless. I have literally tried everything!!

You can squeeze water out of curly hair w/a towel & it doesn't make it frizzy... if you rub it, then you will be a shrub head

NEVER TOWEL DRY CURLY HAIR! It makes it much frizzier

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