7 Hair Colors for Fall to Die for ...


7 Hair Colors for Fall to Die for ...
7 Hair Colors for Fall to Die for ...

Have you been looking for the top hair colors for fall this year so you can switch up that summer color? Well girls, I've got the low-down on what's going to be hot and new this fall! Whether you are thinking about changing from brown to black or from blonde to brown, these top hair colors for fall can really make a huge difference! So girls, you ready to see exactly what hair colors for fall are going to be hot?

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Dimensional Red

Emma Stone is by far one of my favorite red-heads (when she was one!) and her color is actually one of the hottest hair colors for fall! A coppery auburn hair with a wash of strawberry colors can actually look beautiful on any skin tone and this beautiful hair will match all of the leaves around! It's a great and sexy fall hair color!


Butter Blonde

Butter blonde is actually really rich and really bright. It's a great hair color if you are looking to stand out, but it does take some work to keep it so light colored. This beautiful hair color for fall typically looks best on women with very fair skin, as it can look a little ashy on women that are a little darker. Still though, make sure that when you have this color hair, amp up your makeup!


Toffee Blonde

Toffee blonde is actually a mixture of honey blonde and ribbons of toffee color. This blonde is absolutely beautiful and it is totally one of my favorite hair colors for fall! This color can also look fantastic with some caramel and straw highlights! It's all about the layering in this look ladies, it'll give your hair tons of dimension!



Another hair color for fall is all about highlights! Whether you are highlighting your blonde hair, your brown hair or your red hair, it is all about the highlights this fall. While highlights might be a little hard to maintain, they are totally worth it in the end ladies! Trust me, although my highlights are really difficult to keep up, I love them!


Vibrant Red

If you aren't looking to go with a natural auburn color, vibrant red is the next hot hair color for fall. Before I went with darker brown, I actually had hair that was bright red and I loved it! Again, while it's a little harder to maintain, it is absolutely one of the best hair colors for fall and a great way for you to be able to stand out!

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If you've been thinking about going with black for a while now, why not switch it up a little bit and go with a hair color that has some blue undertones to it? Blue-black is absolutely one of my favorite hair colors of all time! It's super cool, looks so unique and if you can pull it off, it'll make you stand out! So girls, do you want to go bold this fall? Try blue-black!


Espresso Brown

Finally, the last hair color for fall that is going to be hot this fall is espresso brown. This is actually the color that I went and I love it! It's dark, deep and it lasts a really long time! Girls, if you are looking for a low-maintenance color that can work with so many different skin tones, this is it!

Well ladies, there you have it! All of the top hair colors for fall that you should give a try to! What's your favorite hair color for fall this year? Have you ever tried any of them?

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Blue black is a horrible idea. Unless you want to keep your hair black for a long long time, black is a color that doesn't lighten back out evenly, and you basically have to fry your hair to get it back any other color. As a cosmetology student, all of the biggest color corrections our school gets are from hair that has black dye in it somewhere. Even if you were to get it back to brown, if you ever try to get it lighter anytime in the future before that black part has been cut all the way out, the lightening results are unpredictable. DONT do it!

Blue black looked really cool when I had very short hair (think short pixie cut) as it grew out easily but I wouldn´t recommend anyone with longer locks to dye it that colour unless they´re naturally raven haired and just wish to add a bluish hue.

Just shared this post (via Twitter)

Just shared this post (via Twitter)

Is there a pic of the butter blonde color? I have light reddish brown hair and am fairly pale so Im trying to find a color that compliments me instead of making me look like death. :) Thanks

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