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7 Crafty Ways to Update Your Old Hair Accessories ...

By Jelena

How to update old hair accessories and make them trendier and more unique than anything you could buy in stores? Well, I’ve got your answer right here, so check out these 7 fun DIY projects and let these super creative ladies give you a few ideas on how to create awesome DIY hair accessories!

1 Shabby Chic Flowers

Shabby chic decorations are super hot and I’m pretty sure you're beginning see how wearing them in your hair could improve that casual yet romantic look so worth rocking all year round. And voila – here’s how to update old hair accessories and turn them into something you’ll want to wear again. Hot glue them onto a standard issue, non embellished barrette clip, make a few small ones to attach to your bobby pins or dress up a headband you consider too plain to even think about wearing.

2 Pearl Flower DIY Hair Accessory Project

Speaking about DIY hair accessories, here’s a project you’re going to love! These sparkly, pearly flowers can be added to a lot of things from hair accessories to jewelry and clothing which makes this video that much better and oh-so-worth checking out! Now, I don’t need to go into listing all the cool ways you can choose to wear them in your hair – don’t I?

3 Bohemian Feathered Clips

Plain metal clips or bobby pins are the perfect canvas to pain on! Especially when we’re talking about this uber-trendy painting! Take your DIY kits out, crafty fashionistas, because there are more fun DIY projects to be completed and this is just the warm up. Who needs Modcloth and Forever 21 when you can make your own leather or beaded clip to rock this summer!

4 Feather & Pearl Hair Clips

Found a couple of your grandma’s pin curl clips which you’re hoping to use in your DIY projects? No problem! Here’s the perfect video to show you how to update old hair accessories… even the accessories that are totally not for decorative purposes! You can use real feathers other types of pearls and glass beads as well and the process is, as you can see, quite simple!

5 Pretty Cardboard Flowers

Cardboard, fabric, leather- the choice is yours to make it and I’m sure you’ll want to try all of those once you see how fun and simple to do this DIY hair accessory project is! Throw in a few pastel shades and have fun – even Louis Luitton loves pastel flowers this season and this DIY might even help you pull of your version of that trendy runway look!

6 Peacock Hair Clip

Oh la la! Now this certainly is one amazing DIY hair accessory! Not sure if you’re into feathers but, in case you are, you should know this fantastic feathery piece would look amazing on a headband as well! Give it a shot and do let me know how it turned out!

7 Glam Rock Spiked Bow

Last on my list of amazing DIY videos to give you ideas how to update old hair accessories, this fun-freaking-tastic fierce bow is an absolute must! Glue it onto a barrette clip or a headband to get a stunning piece to match with your denim cutouts, studded vest or a favorite pair of Ed Hardy kicks!

There they are girls, now you have at least 7 brand new ideas how to update old hair accessories! And since I know you’re a creative lot, I have no doubt these will inspire you to do much, much more! But, speaking about cool crafts – do you have a few of your favorite, fun DIY projects to share?

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