Break out of Your Hair Rut with This Fauxhawk Tutorial ...

By Vanessa

Fauxhawks are an awesome easy ways to have the edgy hairstyle you want without having to actually cut your hair. Find out how to get the look with these simple steps:
What you'll need:
Hair clip
Small boar bristle brush
Banana clip
Bobby Pins

Start by creating a side part. You can line up the part with the arch in your right brow! Then, section off the center of your hair using that hair clip. Repeat the same thing for the left side!

Now, use the small bristle brush to brush the sides of your hair smooth. Make sure you're brushing your hair up and toward the crown of your head - this will accentuate your cheekbones!

To create the mohawk shape, place the bottom of your banana clip (make sure to match it to your hair color) at the nape of your neck and clasp the hair at the back of your head, clipping it together at the crown of your head.

Ta-da! Now, all that's left is shaping your style. Use bobby pins and hair spray to tuck away any stray hairs.

Where would you wear this hairstyle to?

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