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22 Stunning Accessories for Women with Short Hair ...

By Sabrina

The fashion world overflows with stunning accessories for women with short hair. Often times, women with short hair are viewed as less feminine than their long-haired counterparts, and I disagree, but with the right accessories for women with short hair, you can and will look just as dazzling as someone with hair flowing down her back!

1 Crystal Headband

Crystal HeadbandVia Wedding Hairstyle Ideas -
This ornate crystal headband is an example of sparkly, stylish accessories for women with short hair!

2 Indie Earrings

Indie EarringsVia 27 April Hairstyle Ideas To ...
Accessories don't have to be worn in your hair; some of the best accessories for short hair come in the form of jewelry. You can look totally hip and trendy with a pair of indie earrings to draw attention to your darling haircut.

3 Rhinestone Flowers

Rhinestone FlowersVia Top 25 Short Wedding Hairstyles ...
These rhinestone flowers add an elegant touch to any short hairstyle.

4 Aztec Necklace

Aztec NecklaceVia Short Pixie Hairstyles for Women ...
Another popping piece of jewelry is this Aztec necklace, which will light up your whole outfit as well as compliment a modest short haircut.

5 Lace Boho Headband

Lace Boho HeadbandVia Brown Casual Lace Boho Headband ...
Even though this headband is simple, it will add interest to your short hairstyle.

6 Layered Headbands

Layered HeadbandsVia 30 Best Short Haircuts 2012 ...
Why limit yourself to just one headband? You'll look even better with two or three headbands to accent your elegant haircut!

7 Accent Bobby Pins

Accent Bobby PinsVia Our Best Beauty Secrets and ...
Bobby pins are an essential for short-haired women. If you're going to use them daily, you may as well use bobby pins that make a fashion statement!

8 Delicate Headband

Delicate HeadbandVia 50 Gorgeous Short Updo Hairstyles
A delicate headband can complement your delicate haircut and add just the right amount of glamour to your style.

9 Headscarf

HeadscarfVia Hair Trends - Easy Hairstyles, ...
Short haircuts practically crave headscarves! Select your favorite style and tie it in a number of ways.

10 Big Earrings

Big EarringsVia Gallery & Inspiration | Picture ...
Big, beautiful earrings will force people to focus their attention on your stunning face and hair.

11 Shoulder-Length Earrings

Shoulder-Length EarringsVia 20 Short Pixie Haircuts for ...
Likewise, shoulder length earrings will draw well-deserved attention to your haircut as well as have a lengthening effect on your features.

12 Bow

I don't know what my life would be like without bows! Bows look positively adorable on short haircuts.

13 Sprawling Hair Pin

Sprawling Hair PinVia An Insanely Lovely Accessory for ...
This sprawling hairpin is absolutely stunning! No one will expect something like it, especially resting on an unassuming bob.

14 Facial Piercings

Facial PiercingsVia 8 Cute Hair Accessories for ...
Adorable short haircuts and edgy facial piercings create an interesting contrast that altogether create a beautiful look!

15 Gaudy Necklace

Gaudy NecklaceVia Lea Seydoux Stuns in Dazed ...
Many women can't pull off gaudy necklaces; luckily they look beautiful with short hairstyles.

16 Ivory and Pearl Pin

Ivory and Pearl PinVia The Pearl I Love Headband ...
This ivory and pearl pin is simply elegant, a perfect accent for any short, vintage haircut.

17 Hoop Earrings

Hoop EarringsVia Karlas Closet
On short-haired women, hoop earrings can receive the attention they deserve, without hiding behind or getting caught in long, loose hair.

18 Simple Sparkle

Simple SparkleVia Weekly Wedding Inspiration: Our Favorite ...
Sometimes all it takes is a little extra sparkle to make your haircut breathtaking!

19 Antique Headband

Antique HeadbandVia EVELINA - Antique White Painted ...
A vintage flair might be what your short haircut is craving!

20 Fiery Feather

Fiery FeatherVia Des accessoires pour les cheveux ...
This eye-popping burst of color is sure to look amazing in any short hairstyle.

21 Net

NetVia 10 Super Short Bridal Hairstyles ...
This timeless look will set you apart from all the rest!

22 Wreath

WreathVia Keira Knightley's Chanel Advert "Unsuitable ...
Kiera Knightly knows how to rock short hair! By wearing accessories like this unique crimson wreath, she takes her hairstyle to the next level!

I love having short hair! But sometimes I get stuck in a rut and have trouble finding accessories I can wear to improve my look, as do many short-haired women. What sort of accessories do you wear to beautify your look?

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