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Ways to wear headbands can vary depending on your hairstyle and the type of headband you’re wearing. Headbands are a tried and true favourite when it comes to hair adornments. Once only the fore of schoolgirls, it’s taken a more mainstream position thanks to a certain Gossip Girl character’s penchant for them. Take a look at the following few ideas for headbands and ways to wear them.

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Slim and Metallic

A skinny metallic headband is a great for glamming up your look. It’s a sleeker, sophisticated take on the traditionally girly headband. Wear one with a sleek ponytail for a chic daytime or night time look.


As a Floppy Bow

A floppy bow worn to the side is a cute and quirky way to work the headband look. If you can’t find a headband with a suitably floppy bow, create your own by getting a wide strip of ribbon and tying it into a loose bow worn off to one side.


With an Updo

Ways to wear headbands can be limited depending on your hairstyle. Give a basic updo like a chignon or French twist a quick update by accessorising with a cute headband. A headband worn this way can also add some girlish charm to a more refined evening look.



An embellished headband is an easy way to work some detail into your look. Embellishments such as jewels, lace, and flowers are all great options. Studs and spikes could also work if you’re after something a bit edgier. If you can’t find a headband with an embellishment to your liking, try making one yourself. It can be as simple and gluing on some pretty embellishments to a simple plain headband.


Knotted at the Front

Wearing a headband with a knotted front is similar to wearing a ‘fashion turban’, but less intense. If you can’t find a headband with a knot at the front, you can make your own by using a headscarf or long piece of fabric. Place the centre of the strip of scarf/fabric around the back of your head near the neck, bring the ends to the front above your forehead, twist the ends around each other at the crown to form a knot, and then bring the ends back behind your head and tie them together.


Simple and Sporty

Sport inspired styling is a big trend this season. And easy way to work this trend is with a simple stretchy jersey headband. Wear one with your fringe pushed back and hair either up in a ponytail or worn out. Plain black jersey headbands can be a bit boring so opt for a brightly coloured one instead.


Short and Sweet

If you’ve got a short haircut, like a pixie crop, a headband is a great way to dress it up. Since there aren’t many ways to style your hair when it’s really short, headbands are the perfect way to get creative. Go for a slimmer style of headband like a ribbon or skinny Alice band.

These are just a few ways to wear headbands depending on the style of headband and haircut. A headband is a quick and simple way to give your hair a makeover. What’s your favourite way to wear a headband?

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