7 Must-Have Hair Tools for Every Woman ...


There are several must-have hair tools every woman needs. If you have these must-have hair tools on hand, there are many different styles that you can create. They will give you a lot of variety to work with. You should have everything you need on hand to creative practically any style you wish.

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Blow Dryer

Blow Dryer A blow dryer is at the top of the list of must-have hair tools you need. Not only does it dry hair but it can be used to create volume and body as well. It used to be that blow dryers seemed one and the same but now there is enormous variety in them. They can be purchased for as little as ten dollars up into the hundreds, depending on what features you are looking for. I plan to purchase a tourmaline hair dryer the next time that I buy one because they are said to leave your hair with a shinier, sleeker look.


Hot Rollers

Hot Rollers Hot rollers are something that every woman should own. They are wonderful to give your hair all day body and bounce. You can use big hot rollers to create a lot of body or smaller hot rollers to give you long lasting curl. They are fairly simple to use. Section your hair off and place the rollers in. After you remove them, you can generally just shake your hair out, style it a bit and you are good to go.


Hot rollers are an essential tool for any woman looking to create long-lasting volume and curl. They come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the size that best suits your desired look. To use hot rollers, simply section off your hair and roll the hot rollers in. After a few minutes, remove the rollers and shake out your hair to reveal beautiful curls or volume. Hot rollers are a great way to get salon-quality results without the hassle and cost of a salon visit. Plus, they are easy to store and travel with, making them perfect for on-the-go styling.


Flat Iron

Flat Iron A flat iron is a must, must, must even if you already have straight hair. If you have straight hair, you still cannot get the sleekness you are seeking without a flat iron. It will take much less time to use this hair tool if your hair is naturally straight, though. Good features to look for in a flat iron are adjustable temperature and an automatic shut off. Naturally straight hair will require much lower heat than curly or coarse hair.


Curling Iron

Curling Iron A curling iron is also a must and preferably, a couple different ones in different sizes. I have one in ¾ inch that I use for small, spiral curls. I also have a 1 inch curling iron that makes bigger, looser curls and waves. My absolute favorite brand as far as curling irons go is Hot Tools. They just cannot be beat.


Hand Held Mirror

Hand Held Mirror Ladies, if you do not have a hand held mirror, you absolutely have to get one. As in today. If you do not have a hand held mirror, there is no way that you can check the back of your hair to make sure that it is styled correctly. After I style my hair, I always check it with a hand held mirror to make sure it is curled evenly or that all of it is in the right place. I shudder to think what my hair would look like if I did not own a hand held mirror.


Duck Bill Clips

Duck Bill Clips Duck bill clips are those clips that are meant for separating your hair into sections while you style it. You often see them at your hairdresser’s salon. They work wonderfully at sectioning off hair. I would not want to try to curl or flat iron my hair without my duck bill clips. They can also be purchased for a few dollars at most stores that carry hair accessories.


A Wide Tooth Comb

A Wide Tooth Comb Brushes can be very useful in styling hair, but you should never use a brush on wet hair. Your hair is too stretchy when it is wet to stand the tug of the brush. Instead, go for a wide tooth comb which is much gentler on your hair. You can purchase one of these for a couple of dollars.

It is really important to have the right hair tools on hand to correctly style your hair. What are your must-have hair tools? I would love to know what you have to have to style your hair!

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Curling brush

The girl on the top page looks like she got into a fight with the hair dryer

is it necessary to have both hot roller and curl iron?

@ Wendy what if u used the hot rollers and realized u missed a portion of hair when your ready to walk out the door?! ;) lol

Hi, do you or anyone have tips for fine and straight hair?

I absolutely have to have my flat iron and a rat tail comb. These type of combs give you the most accurate part.

Hot rollers are one of the worst things you can do for your hair! It is so hot that it burns your fingers when you put them in, now imagine what it is doing to your hair as it doesn't just stay there for a few seconds, but until it is cool. It is literally baking your hair. Ugh... No! Not good!

I live and die by my 3barrel waver

I don't think all are necessary; a wide tooth comb, mirror, clips & blow dryer for those late night hair washes.

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