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When it comes to tools for curly hair there are many options out there. Believe me, I've tried quite a few of them. If you have naturally curly hair like me then you know that it needs a bit of maintenance to stay healthy and lovely! Finding the right tool to help with the job can be a little tricky and time consuming. To help you out in this area I give you a few of my favorite tools for curly hair to consider using at least once.

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Hands One of the best tools for curly hair that you can possibly use are hands! No matter if they are your hands, or those of your partner or friend, hands are the best way to detect and detangle knots and snarls. They are also your best tool for applying product and smoothing strands. As with any tool, be sure to use with care as over manipulation will cause the frizz and breakage you are trying to avoid.


Wide Tooth Comb

Wide Tooth Comb I have tried a few wide tooth combs before and find them both helpful and tricky. Helpful for the obvious reasons of smoothing and detangling; tricky because the wide teeth can miss smaller sections that contain knots. The best way to use this tool for optimum results is to work in small sections, combing from the bottom and working your way up to the root, slowly detangling as you go. Wide tooth combs are available in a range of shapes and sizes.


Denman Brush

Denman Brush If you want a tool that is great for smoothing and clumping curls then try a Denman brush. I suggest that you first detangle with your hands or a wide tooth comb. Next drench your strands in conditioner, massage the product down the length of your hair, and run through with the Denman from end to root. Again, always comb through curly hair in this way to minimize breakage. The conditioner creates the slip you need while the brush distributes the conditioner from root to tip. From slim to paddle, there is a Denman for every hair type.


Knot Genie

Knot Genie I was a little skeptical when I first heard about this tiny tool. The Knot Genie looks like a tiny Denman brush without the handle. It is much cooler than that. The Knot Genie has short soft-ish bristles that gently detangle very tangled hair. As with any detangling method, apply a little conditioner before combing through your strands. The Knot Genie is very easy to use, give it a try!


Butterfly Clips

Butterfly Clips While detangling conditioned sections, use a small tool to keep those hairs in place. Enter my favorite tool for this purpose: the butterfly clip. These little things apply just enough pressure to hold my sections without snarling my curls or pulling my hair. Butterfly clips are available in a variety of colors and sizes. I like to have about a dozen on hand but often use between four and six to get the job done.

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Heat Cap

Heat Cap We curlies know the value of a good conditioning treatment. Our conditioning sessions are better served with a heat cap. Apply a deep conditioning or hot oil treatment and throw on a thermal heat cap for at least thirty minutes. There are a variety available from the kinds with removable heated gel packs to the wireless heat caps we can wear around the house while doing other things. A heat cap serves up two things our hair loves best: moisture and rich conditioning.


Plastic Shower Cap

Plastic Shower Cap Another great way to increase the efficiency of your conditioning treatment is to cover your hair with a regular plastic shower cap. Slip it on and wear it while you do other things around the house. Your body heat will help the conditioner penetrate your hair shaft and enrich the conditioning process. A plastic shower cap is a very inexpensive tool that is incredibly helpful for healthy hair. Give it a try your hair will love it!



T-shirt Have you ever looked at a towel up-close? All those tiny loops are trouble waiting to happen to your hair. If you want to avoid the frizz and breakage these towels can cause, switch to a micro-fiber cloth such as a special towel or old t-shirt. Old t-shirts work just as well as the micro-fiber towel at a fraction of the cost. Wrap the t-shirt over your hair and squeeze the water out to dry your hair. You can also use the t-shirt to scrunch your curls to define their shape as they dry without encouraging frizz. This technique works really well!



Diffuser Air drying is best for curly hair but sometimes we cannot wait long enough for the curls to dry. A diffuser can help speed up drying time. Attach the diffuser to a regular blow dryer and use low, cool air to dry your curls and waves. A diffuser can also shape and hold those curls in place while drying your hair. The diffuser is a great tool for ladies with waves and looser curl patterns because it captures the shape and helps freeze them in place without causing frizz or overheating hair.


Satin Pillowcase...

Satin Pillowcase... ...or scarf, or bonnet, anything really that touches your curls overnight should have a smooth satin nap to reduce friction and breakage. A satin hair covering can also promote curl health. A satin bonnet, scarf, or pillowcase can help you sleep at night knowing your curls are protected. During the day you can use that same satin scarf as a pretty headband!


Hair Pins

Hair Pins We have all used a bobby pin or two. And we have all likely experienced that annoying hair pull when removing them. Great, right...? Bobby pins hold but u-shaped hair pins are so much better for your hair and your sanity. Hair pins hold your style in place without pulling out your hair. If you have not used them before they can be a little tricky. Take your time and you will be a pro in no time.

What are your essential tools for styling curly hair? Do you have a favorite? Please, share with us in the comments. Happy styling!

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I would go for a satin pillow but it makes my face breakout :(

Great article!

my hair gets frizzy so ihave it up all the time . ihave naturally curly hair

You really know about curly hair. Me having it would know too but not as much as you. You need to make this your career! 😉☺

I have curly hair and believe me it is a pain in the ass! I straighten them every three months but I wished I could find a way to keep the curls without looking like a crazy woman and specially that my hair is healthy!

OMG tshirt thing is all I use.. Funny thought for a min I was weird lol

Thanks, everyone! ^_^

I cut mine short :P Easier to manage. Still looking for a good product, though.

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