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I adore many of the organic hair care brands I've treated my very long, super-thick tresses to! Some have failed to condition and tame my crazy mane, but there are quite a few that I hit the jackpot with. And if an organic hair care product can saturate my strands with moisture and manageability, then it can pretty much do it for any hair on the planet. Here are 7 organic hair care brands to try now!

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Carina Organics

This is one of my absolute favorite organic hair care brands. Their deep conditioner is the best I've ever tried. Hand-made in North Vancouver, this father-and-son founded line produces organic shampoos, conditioners, and styling aids, without a single synthetic dye or artificial fragrance, and they're packed with super-nourishing ingredients like coconut oil, green apple extract and avocado oil. After using Carina Organics, I always see an instant difference. Softer, shinier hair that I can get my fingers through without a single catch is no small feat, and Carina Organics gives me that every time!


Josh Rosebrook

A celebrated hairstylist, Josh Rosebrook took his appreciation for organic beauty and natural ingredients and moulded it into his own exclusive line of skin and hair care. Based in L.A., this high-end organic beauty brand is used by the likes of Mila Kunis, Ellen DeGeneres and other A-listers. It's easy to see why these products are so popular; they're formulated with the utmost integrity and highest quality ingredients, cutting no corners to produce only the best organic hair care products that truly do work. You must try the firm hold hairspray, based on vitamin-infused distilled water and bolstered by non-GMO organic corn extract and rosemary essential oil. Don't let the natural ingredients fool you! It performs like a champ. I'd know- it held my heavy, stubborn hair in ringlets for 8 hours! One of the best organic hair care brands out there!


Delizioso Skincare

This business is run by two lovely young ladies who happen to be sisters in London, Ontario. With a full line of cosmetics, skin care, body care and hair products, Delizioso Skincare use only the most natural and nourishing elements and are devoted to being transparent with their awesome ingredients. The Bergamot & Eucalyptus Anti-Frizz Treatment Oil adds shine and tames frizzes naturally. Another must-try is the Elderberry Hair Smoothie, for deep penetration of dry, thirsty hair.


Nezza Naturals

Owned and operated by a father-daughter team in Victoria, B.C., Nezza Naturals churns out an amazing line of skin, body and hair products. They make one heck of an organic hair serum and their Patchouli & Orange conditioner is great for dry, damaged hair.



Founded by renowned Israeli hairstylist Mordechai Alvow, this NYC-based line is committed to ingredient transparency, and to using only the safest natural and organic ingredients. The Feed Your Do Styling Whip allows you to shape and style effortlessly, while enjoying the aromatic lemon peel and peppermint it contains.

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Bubble and Bee

By the time Bubble and Bee founder Stephanie Greenwood was 16, she was in advanced Chemistry classes at the University of Utah. Upon discovering just how many toxic chemicals were in beauty and body products, she took it upon herself to develop a simple line using natural and organic ingredients. Trusted and loved worldwide, Bubble and Bee's hair care products are raved about. I have many oily-haired friends who swear by the Organic Lemon Shampoo! The line also features lip balms, facial care and more.



This Toronto-based line boasts the amazing Hair Smoothie, which is armed with the powerful and conditioning broccoli seed oil. This natural gem gives hair a soft, silky texture without silicones! If you've got a sensitive scalp, try the amazing Lavender Rosemary Blood Orange Aromablend, to soothe and feed your scalp.

I adore organic hair care! What are your go-to hair care products?

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Thank you for this list, what we put on our skin & scalp is just as important as what we put into our bodies. I looked up DELIZIOSO & they have a whole line of cosmetics too that I can't wait to try!

What happened to Lush? Does anyone else notice a contradiction in blogs?

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