7 Shampoos That Add Body to Your Hair ...

If you have thin or limp hair, you may want to consider using shampoos that add body. Volumizing shampoos create fullness to your tresses. If you are looking to make your hair appear thicker and fuller, shampoos that add body are a must-have!

1. Pureology – Pure Volume Shampoo

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One of my personal favorite shampoos that add body is Pureology’s Pure Volume Shampoo. The first reason I love this product is that it is vegan. The second reason I love it is that it volumizes hair from the root to the tip by thickening and conditioning each strand. The third reason I am in love with this product is that it is infused with eucalyptus and wheat protein that actually repairs hair and reduces damages to your tresses. Fourthly, Pure Volume Shampoo cleanses your hair of impurities and oil build up at the roots so that these factors can’t weight your hair down. And lastly, this shampoo is color safe so you don’t have to worry about stripping your new color. You can learn more about this product and find out where to buy it at pureology.com.

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