Tresemme Shampoo and Other Great Options for Color Treated Hair You'll Regret Not Getting ...


Tresemme Shampoo and Other Great Options for Color Treated Hair You'll Regret Not Getting ...
Tresemme Shampoo and Other Great Options for Color Treated Hair You'll Regret Not Getting ...

Getting a dye job at the salon costs an arm and a leg on its own, so who wants to tack on the expense of having to buy pricey shampoos for color treated hair as well? Believe it or not, color shampoos you can buy at the drugstore (like Tresemme shampoo) can do just as good a job at preserving your hair color as most high-end brands. There’s nothing worse than seeing all of the money you spent on that perfect shade of color wash down the drain, leaving a faded mess that will inevitably need to be corrected at the salon ASAP. Here’s a list of great inexpensive shampoos for color treated hair that'll protect your color without breaking the bank:

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TRESemmé Color Revitalize Shampoo

TRESemmé Color Revitalize Shampoo
One of the best inexpensive shampoos for color treated hair is this one by TRESemmé. Not only does this shampoo smell amazing, but it’s done the best job of preserving my hair color than any other color shampoo I’ve ever used. Oo la la!


Herbal Essences Color Me Happy

Herbal Essences Color Me Happy essences color me happy
Again, three cheers for the amazing scent that’s just an added bonus to the great job this shampoo does at preserving your hair color. Don’t let the pink formula fool you; this shampoo is the real deal.


Pantene Color Preserve Shampoo

Pantene Color Preserve Shampoo color preserve
Pantene has been a staple in hair care for generations, and this color shampoo just further proves why their products remain on the shelves. The creamy consistency leaves your hair feeling fresh and clean without stripping it of its color.


Clear Damage & Hair Color Repair Shampoo

Clear Damage & Hair Color Repair Shampoo damage shampoo
Clear is fairly new to the hair product scene, but it's no amateur when it comes to great color shampoo. This product does exactly what a color shampoo should do: preserve color while also repairing and moisturizing damaged strands.


L’oreal Color Vibrancy

L’oreal Color Vibrancy color vive shampoo
This ultra-moisturizing shampoo leaves hair silky, soft, and nourished, while still maintaining your salon (or boxed!) color. It also comes in a bottle with a pump dispenser for easier use in the shower.


Suave Professionals Color Care

Suave Professionals Color Care shampoo
Okay, Okay, I know what you're thinking: "Suave? The least expensive stuff on the market next to VO5 is supposed to protect my hair color?". Personally, after emptying my pockets for a (seriously overpriced) cut and color last month, I decided to make up for this expense by saving on a color shampoo. I opted for Suave and have been seriously impressed. This shampoo is infused with keratin, so not only is your color being preserved, but your strands are receiving a nourishing keratin treatment as well. It's a win-win!


Garnier Fructis Color Shield

Garnier Fructis Color Shield color shield
Faded, brassy color? Not with this shampoo. Garnier has put out a stiff competitor in the color shampoo game that gives hair incredible strength and shine.

An added bonus to each of these shampoos is that they also have a complementary conditioner that works just as well. Conditioning your hair is very important when you have color treated hair, as color chemicals can be really harsh and damaging. Colored hair deserves extra special attention and nourishment to avoid any straw-like locks. Do you have a favorite inexpensive color shampoo?

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Additionally, stylists aren't out to "mickle and dime" their customers. We are sincere about taking care of our clients' hair and also, we are normal people trying to make a living just like everybody else. Our services are NOT overpriced, considering the amount of labor, thought, and skill that goes into Perfecting each and every color. I know I customize every single formula for every single person and not one person has the same formula as another and you bet your ass I'm going to suggest you use a quality shampoo and conditioner to preserve my work and your product. (The hair color). Please do actual research on the products you're referring. Suave and Pantene use plenty of wax fillers to coat the hair and with heat styling the wax melts and ruins your hair, taking the color with it. Also, if you can get your product where you can get food, YOU DO NOT WANT IT. Even salon products- they're diverted. Always always always buy your hair care from a salon. It says so on the bottles.

Legit* not light, my bad

Personally ... I have tried the expensive shampoo & conditioners from three different hair salons & they wound up damaging &/or making my hair all slimy within half a day. I never used styling tools to curl or straighten my hair so I never have to deal with the results of heating my hair & causing burnt hair.

I recently colored my hair.. I m using Loreal vitamin color shampoo n hair mask..

can I just say, that I can REALLY recommend the Kerastase range for color treated hair! it's the dark pink bottle, I don't exactly remember what it's called lol. but seriously, I color my hair A LOT, and I used to lose a crazy amount of hair every single time I shampoo-ed it... but since I've started to use kerastase, my hair fall has literally reduced by like 3/4th! I am NOT making that up or exaggerating even a tiny bit, I swear! my color has stayed vibrant and shiny, and my hair is super healthy. and believe me, when it comes to shampoo, I've tried em all lol. Mane and tail, Pantene, dove, herbal essences, garnier, sunsilk, l'oreal... you name it, I've tried it. but NOTHING compares to this one. I know it may be a little pricey, but it foams really easily, so a little bit goes along way! last ages. pretty much an investment! :)

Just a warning! Every hair stylist I have ever talked to advises against Pantene. Especially if you have color treated hair. It's all chemical =(

I've gotta agree with the stylist. I paid a butt load of $$$$ to go from black to blonde hair and there's no way I'm using anything but top notch shit on my locks. That and once I started using light quality sulfate free shampoos and conditioners I was hooked. I'll never go cheap again

The only hair products that have ever worked well for me were Garnier Fructis, L'oreal, Herbal Essences, & Tresemme. I alternate the products so that the hair products clean & condition my hair without the build-up of product is reduced to very slight. I used to use the expensive stuff but, not only did it cause damage to my hair but I had to shampoo & condition my hair @ the beginning of every day but it still got really greasy before the end of the day & I wound up with severe build up on my hair. I dealt with that problem for a couple of months until my hair dresser told me to use the Tresemme from stores like Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart & other stores like that as it really wasn't any better or worse than the Tresemme that they sold in the hair salon she works in. She showed me what to look for in the hair products & then gave me a sample of the Tresemme that her salon sold. It worked like a charm ... just like she said that it would. She also told me to never use that same product more than 2 times in a row to prevent product build up. I don't have a problem with people express their opinions ... I just have a problem with people reprimanding others for not "going with the flow". Everyone has the right to express their opinion, just do your research before you try to cram your opinion down other people's throat.

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