7 Reasons to Make Dry Conditioner the Product You Can't Live without ...


7 Reasons to Make Dry Conditioner the Product You Can't Live without ...
7 Reasons to Make Dry Conditioner the Product You Can't Live without ...

If you haven’t picked up a bottle of dry conditioner for yourself yet, allow me to give you seven good reasons why should be using it. We all need conditioner in our lives to keep our hair soft, smooth and hydrated. But now that conditioner comes in a dry spray form, it’s a game-changing hair care product that has the potential to change the way we care for hair as we know it! So even if you’re not a big fan of dry shampoo; most hair types can benefit from a bottle of dry conditioner. Find out why with these reasons to use dry conditioner.

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I think it’s safe to say that one of the main reasons people use dry conditioner or any conditioner at all is because they want soft, shiny hair. Dry shampoo is a quick, easy way to condition your hair whenever you want without having to wet your hair. Having to let the product set and then washing it out is the main reason why I shy away from using hair masks, deep conditioning treatments and such. With dry conditioner, you can spritz your way to softer hair whenever your strands need a little extra love!



Another reason to use dry conditioner is that you can instantly smooth flyaways and unruly hair. I think we’ve all had those days where our hair just has a mind of its own and just won’t behave. Spray some dry conditioner on your strands and ends (leave your scalp for the dry shampoo) and watch it turn into smoother, softer and better behaved hair.


Time Saver

Any time you can save some time in your hair care routine, you should go for it and dry conditioner allows you to do just that. Let’s say you wake up in the morning and your hair is looking dry and sad. You can always add some serum to your hair, but dry conditioner is a safer bet since it won’t weigh down your hair and you’re much less likely to apply too much product. It’s a fab product to have on hand when your hair needs a dose of hydration minus all the fuss of a traditional conditioner.


Calm Tangles

Aside from softening and smoothing your hair in a hot minute, dry conditioner can quickly and easily help you comb through tangly messes. I always wake up with tangles in my hair no matter what product I use or style I put my hair in before I go to bed. With dry conditioner, you can spray some on your tresses and de-tangle your hair without all the pain and agony you’d go through without it.



Our hair faces a daily assault of wind, low temperature, heat, dry air and the sun’s rays so it would be wise for us to use a product that helps shield our strands from the elements. Dry conditioner helps seal our hair’s cuticle so not only is it shiny and sleek, but it’s also protected. One word of caution though, avoid spraying the product randomly around your head. While everyone might have a different method to using the product, most times you’ll want to concentrate on applying it the midshaft and ends.


Prolong Blowouts

There’s nothing quite like getting a professional blowout and we will do whatever it takes to keep our blowout looking fresh. Well, dry conditioner is a hair care product that happens to help us prolong our fab hair. Apply some dry conditioner to your hair a day after you get your blowout or a couple of days after you shampoo your hair according to hair expert Oscar Blandi.


Redefine Curls

The last reason to use dry conditioner is a bit debatable. Some people love using the hair care product to help redefine curls while others were left with frizz. Blandi suggests lightly spraying the end of a tail comb or using your fingers to reshape curls. It all comes down to your particular hair type and what brand of dry conditioner you use. Just like every type of dry shampoo is different, you’ll want to experiment with different brands of dry conditioner before you find the one.

Are you ready to try dry conditioner? I think this product is going to be just as life-changing as dry shampoo since conditioner is an integral part of our hair care routine that just got easier! Have you tried dry conditioner? If so, what are your thoughts on it so far?

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Would you recommend any particular brands to try first?

hi,any brand to recommend pls? thank you.,;)

Whats the difference between using a curl cream or light butter if my curls feel dry to using a dry conditioner? Would it be moisturizing enough?

The picture has the people from my favorite movie, Blue Crush 2!!! Right: Pushy, Left: Dana

Sally's Beauty has a dry conditioner, apparently.

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