You're Fed up of Your Rainbow Hair. Now What?


You're Fed up of Your Rainbow Hair. Now What?
You're Fed up of Your Rainbow Hair. Now What?

Any brightly colored hair requires commitment. Unless you want to really put your tresses through the wringer, you’ve got to keep it for a while. But as fabulous as it is, you might get bored with it, the color fades and your roots start to show. So what now? Do you swap to a new bright shade or do you want to go back to your original color? Either way, this is how:

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Let It Fade to Begin the Process

The very first step for how to get rid of rainbow hair, according to the majority of leading colorists, is to let it start to fade over time. Rather than dying it one new color straight away, let it begin to fade out and this will be much better for your hair health as it gives more recovery time in between color jobs. The longer you leave it to fade, the more success you will have in later steps.


If You Can’t Wait, then Always Go for Brown

If you need to change your hair color right away and cannot wait for it to fade, then the safest and most sensible option is always to ‘brown it out’ with a gentle, natural brown color. You still might see some of the brighter rainbow colors in different shades, but browning your hair is a much less harmful way to start the changing process than going straight for an overall bleach.


Neutralize the Brighter Colors before Going Brown

To achieve an even better end result, it is a good idea to identify the brightest colors in your rainbow and attempt to neutralize them first. For example, you might want to neutralize your reds using a green toned brown to ensure that there is less of a difference in shading when you have gone full brown.


Stay in the Same Color Family to Avoid Muddiness

If you are planning on switching from one vibrant color to another, then it is recommended that you stay within the same color family. For example, if your hair is full of warm tones, then it is best to stay within that family rather than switching straight over to cool tones, as there is a risk of the color becoming very muddy in the changing process.


Own the Awkward Stage; It’s All about Confidence

So what if your hair looks a little bit funky for a couple of weeks? It’s worth owning the awkward stage rather than putting your hair health at risk by going straight for a bleach just to avoid a couple of looks from people while your color is fading. It will be much healthier and more satisfying in the long run when you have taken your time and been rewarded with luscious head of hair in the color that you want.


Consult an Expert for Some Professional Advice

Sure you could go with your own instincts and jump straight into a coloring nightmare, or you could take the sensible option and book an appointment with a coloring consultant who knows the tricks of the trade and what is best for your hair, no matter what state it is currently in! And make those appointments a regular thing. If the colorist gives you stellar advice and even more stellar treatment, then you owe it to your hair to keep going back to her to have the best care possible. Once you have found a colorist and stylist who knows exactly how you like it, then there is no point in going back to struggling on your own!


Make the Most of Products for the Best Maintenance

Don’t just dye your hair a new color and leave it at that. There are literally thousands of different products are specifically designed to help preserve your color for as long as possible, as well as keeping your dyed hair soft and shiny.

Remember – the health and integrity of your hair should be your priority, whatever coloring decisions you make.

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I found the best way to fade my bright purple and pink hair was to wash it vigorously with tea tree clarifying shampoo for a week or so, which faded it considerably. Then, I mixed a pre-mixed bottle of bleach with half a bottle of conditioner, twice a week for two weeks and completely got rid of the colour - even the stubborn pink sections. My hair is once more bottle blonde ;)

Thank you so much for this post! Right now I have purple hair that has faded into a "sunset" and 2 month old roots. I have dyed my hair many unnatural colors over my 15 years of life but still have problems(muddiness and neutralizing). Not anymore. :)

I would love to have a different colored hair like blue or something awesome looking my hair looks boring!

wow, these are awesome tips!

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