The Best Ways to Add Body to Stick-Straight Hair ...


The Best Ways to Add Body to Stick-Straight Hair ...
The Best Ways to Add Body to Stick-Straight Hair ...

Stick-straight hair is stylish … unless you have it. For example, Heather has naturally curly hair, which is gorgeous and full of volume and adorable. She hates it. She spends time straightening it pretty much every day. I have stick-straight hair. I would scalp my wife and steal her curls if I could. The grass is always greener and the hair is always more manageable on the other side. You have to love what you've got, though, so allow me to share with you some of the very best ways to add body to those stick-straight locks of yours.

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This is the Best Tip You Will Ever Need

Watch the video. It's okay. I'll wait. Now, tell me the truth – wasn't that awesome? You can create so much body to your hair now!


Adding Volume with a Straightener

I know, it seems counter-intuitive to use a straightener on your already straight hair, but that's one hair tool that can definitely do double-duty.


You Can Even Add Volume to Flat or Oily Hair

This is my lifesaver. My hair gets so oily in the summer, it turns absolutely lifeless. Not this summer, hair!


How about Freshly Relaxed Hair?

I got you, babe. I got you.


All You Fine-haired Girls Will Love This

Fine, straight hair can be problematic, but you can fix it. More than that, you can add amazing amounts of body.

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Sometimes It's All about the Products

Actually, it's often all about the products. The products can save your life – and your hair.


Use Your round Brush to Get Ridiculous Volume

Round brushes are pretty incredible, really. They're capable of so much, and once you know the technique that works best for your hair, you can use them to quickly add body.


Learn to Tease the Right Way

Your hair, that is. You shouldn't learn to tease people or anything. That's mean.


Backcombing, Anyone?

Backcombing your hair creates a whole lot of lift, but it's kind of an art. Your arm may get tired as you practice, but the results are worth it.


Keep Your Volume when You Straighten Your Hair

It just dawns on me that even those of you who straighten your hair will want it to have volume. So, this one's for you!


Sometimes You Need Mega Volume

Occasionally, you need a bit more oomph. This video shows you how to give your hair some next level volume.


Got Time for Velcro Rollers?

You should make time. Trust me.


No Heat? No Problem!

Give your hair a break from heat styling tools! Alternately, add body even if you always let your hair air dry.


No 'poo Volume

You don't need shampoo to get volume. Quite the contrary, really. Poo on that 'poo! Your hair needs an occasional break from that, too.


Mad Volume at the Crown

This is perfect if you want to rock a retro-inspired look. It's also great if you just need a little lift.


Eight Different Ways to Add Volume

Eight-in-one! You're welcome!


Put Some Volume in Your Pony

Love this look! It's so versatile and so gorgeous!

I'm itching to try some of these – my hair is like, “Same!”

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