7 Winter Hair Care Tips for Naturally Curly Hair ...

Winter hair care tips are crucial to follow for all hair types. But if you have naturally curly and/or coily hair, winter hair care tips are everything! This hair type struggles with dryness year round, but it gets even more difficult in winter. Below are several winter hair care tips to keep your tresses happy through the season.

1. Plan Your Washes

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One of the most important winter hair care tips for girls with naturally curly hair is to plan your washes intelligently, especially if you don’t usually use a blow dryer on your hair. This is important for your hair as well as your health. We know that it can take a while for super thick, curly hair to dry. Going outside into the winter cold with wet hair sets you up for sickness. Try to wash your hair in the evening when you know your hair will have time to dry. If you do need to wash just before going out, blow dry gently to get the majority of water out of your hair before leaving the house.

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