Hairstyles to Rock for Girls Who Are Always Hot ...

Summertime is here!

Although this is an amazing time for beach days and bikinis, it also tends to get extremely hot!

If you have medium to long hair, it can be really tough getting anything done to your hair in the summer weather without it frizzing up.

Leaving it down unstyled can not only frizz your hair, but will be sure to overheat us gals who are always hot!

Here are some options to style your hair in the summer heat to prevent this.

1. Double Bun AKA SPACE BUNS

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This hairstyle has been super trendy recently.

It is fairly easy and quick to achieve and is an adorable look!

It keeps your hair out of your face and shoulders and will keep you cool while still looking chic!

Very 90s!

All it takes is creating two high buns on your left and right halves of your head and voila!

Good to go!