13 Lovely DIY Headbands to Make ...


DIY Headbands are great craft projects.

They are great because they are usually easy to make, require only a few materials, and can easily be tailored to fit a little girl or an adult's head.2

DIY headbands make for wonderful handmade gifts, too.

I admit that I don't like wearing headbands because they give me headaches but I do love making them.

I spent many hours in Home Economics class hand sewing DIY headbands out of scrap fabrics.

Fun times.

1. Sweet, Skinny, and Ruffly

Sweet, Skinny, and Ruffly

Using a strip of fabric decorated with even more fabric, Beverly shows us how to go about making these DIY headbands.

While the ruffled band and fabric rosettes look very pretty, I think what I love about these is their colors.

So Earth-y and lovely, yes?

Double Strand Lace
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