13 Lovely DIY Headbands to Make ...

13 Lovely DIY Headbands to Make ...

DIY Headbands are great craft projects. They are great because they are usually easy to make, require only a few materials, and can easily be tailored to fit a little girl or an adult's head. DIY headbands make for wonderful handmade gifts, too. I admit that I don't like wearing headbands because they give me headaches but I do love making them. I spent many hours in Home Economics class hand sewing DIY headbands out of scrap fabrics. Fun times.

1. Sweet, Skinny, And Ruffly

Using a strip of fabric decorated with even more fabric, Beverly shows us how to go about making these DIY headbands. While the ruffled band and fabric rosettes look very pretty, I think what I love about these is their colors. So Earth-y and lovely, yes?