7 Tips for Trimming Your Own Fringe ...


If you wear you hair in a style that includes a fringe, you will know that trekking to the hairdresser to have it trimmed every week or so is irritating, time consuming and costly.

Luckily, however, it isnโ€™t too difficult to manage your bangs yourself, whether you have a sexy Cleopatra look or a cute, side swept-style.

To help you keep your locks from getting overgrown, Iโ€™ve put together this list of 7 tips for trimming your own fringe.

1. A Good Foundation

A Good Foundation

Photo Credit: sheknows.com

While it is fairly easy to maintain your fringe on your own, it is always a good idea to get a professional to cut the style for you in the first place.

This way, you will have a good, solid foundation to follow, and that will make trimming overgrown hairs a whole lot easier.

2. The Right Equipment

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Before you get started on your fringe, you will want to go out and buy yourself a pair of real hairdressing scissors.

These shouldnโ€™t be too difficult to find;

ask you salon about local product supply stores in your area and pay one of these a quick visit.

3. Dry Hair

Dry Hair

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You should never try to trim you own fringe while your hair is wet.

Remember that damp locks are longer and will fall differently than those which are dry.2

Wash your hair as you ordinarily would before you cut it, and then wait until all of the moisture has evaporated before you get to work with your scissors.

4. Style as Normal

Style as Normal

Photo Credit: thewestminsterpractice.com

It is also very important that your hair is styled as it ordinarily would be when you are about to trim your bangs.2

Part is as usual, and if it is generally blown out and straightened, for example, do this as well.

This will help you to gauge the length and style accurately: if you hair looks different, it will be hard to know whether youโ€™ve trimmed it enough, or if youโ€™ve taken off too much.2

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