7 Tips on Creating Romantic Curls ...


The thing with romantic curls is that they're loose and care-free, while still adding lots of body and style to your hair. Romantic curls are different from corkscrew curls or banana curls. And they're not the same thing as "waves" either. Using the 7 tips on creating romantic curls found in this article, you'll certainly be ready for your next date night!

1. Curl in Sections

It's best to divide your hair into 3 sections: ear to ear, temple to temple, and top of the head. You will pin up the top 2 sections and start curling the "ear to ear" section first. After that section is complete, you will move on to your "temple to temple" section, and finish with the top of your head. This will give your curls more definition and texture, and will make curling much easier, especially if you have layers.

Watch Your Iron Size
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