10 Ways to Rock a Faux Hawk ...


This is for all my short haired (and long haired) friends out there who want to try something new and are looking for ways to rock a faux hawk!

I had over 14 inches of hair and decided to chop it all off into a pixie cut!

Yes, I chopped it!

Then when it started growing I had to overcome the difficulty of styling my do!

So whether you have a cute pixie cut or longer locks, here are 10 ways to rock a faux hawk!

1. Faux Hawk for Long Hair


When I had long hair, I decided I wanted to rock a faux hawk.

The task alone seemed difficult and it didn't seem realistic, but, low and behold my long haired beauties I found just the tutorial to let you achieve that rockin' faux hawk!

This is really one of my favorite ways to rock a faux hawk...

now I just need long hair again!

Dear Whippy, Faux Hawk
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