7 Beautiful Barrettes ...

Barrettes may seem like a bit of a school-girl fad, but they are becoming an increasingly on-trend hair accessory. They’ve recently been seen gracing the bangs of many catwalk models, and are a sure-fire fix for a bad hair day. They are both decorative and functional, and can easily be incorporated into your daily look. Take a peek at a few beautiful barrettes below.

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs D1 Polka Dot Confetti Barrette

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Price: $48.00 at couture.zappos.com
Make the most of your girlish side with this sweet looking barrette. The polka dot appearance has been created by a bubble inlay and a resin coated overlay. A designer stamped logo is also camouflaged in between the polka dot bubbles. Use this to sweep back a long fringe.

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