7 Reasons I Heart Highlights ...


7 Reasons I Heart Highlights ...
7 Reasons I Heart Highlights ...

Highlights involve a tedious process, but I love them anyway. They're about the only kind of coloring I'm willing to get at the salon – mainly because I cannot successfully do them myself to save my life. There are dozens of reasons I love them, but in the interest of time and not boring everyone to death, here are the top 7 reasons I heart highlights!

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There are so many different styles of highlights now, they are completely versatile. You can get chunky streaks, wide stripes, thin stripes, you can get highlights that just frame your face. You can get them in the front or all over, you can get them over or under. The possibilities are endless, and it seems like they're coming out with more styles everyday.


Long Lasting

All right, some highlights last a long time. Granted, if you get a red shade, it's going to fade faster than you can blink, but that's red for you; it's a moody, fickle color. Most times, however, your highlights will stick around a good long time, because—


Look Good Growing out

Most highlights look good growing out! What makes highlights different than lowlights is that, whatever the color, highlights are shades lighter than your overall hair color. So, when they start to grow out, you typically end up with the now trendy ochre style of hair, where dark roots fade to lighter ends. Sarah Jessica Parker is the driving force behind that trend, and say what you will about her, when she's an ochre blond, her hair does always look good.


Facially Flattering

Getting highlights is one of the top ways to flatter your face. For example, you can highlight your bangs or the layers toward the front of your hair to draw attention to your eyes, your cheekbones, and so on. Who needs makeup when your hair can do all the work?


A Spectrum of Colors

Contrary to popular believe, highlights are not just blond. Like say, these days they classify as any shade lighter than your hair. So you can get blond or copper or light brown, or anything like that. You can even get several at once and make a beautiful blending effect.


Lots of Styles

Better yet, highlights flatter lots of styles. There are certain hair related things that you can only get if you have long hair or short hair, thin hair or thick hair. Hair trends can be so restrictive! Not so with highlights, though. Whether you've got a pixie cut or hair down to your butt, you can get highlights. Of course, you're going to be in that hair a really long time if you've got hair down to your butt.


The after Effects

So, you finally get tired of your highlights. They've started to grow out and you don't like that look, so you color your hair again. No problem! Because it will still be highlighted! Whatever color you go with, now there will be lighter shades of the new color, so it's like you got highlights all over again, in new shades! Gorgeous!

I think I might do this soon. Lots of times in winter, I play around with my hair to ease those winter doldrums, when I start feeling as bland as the sky and the landscape. Do you have any tips for making highlights last longer?

Top Photo Credit: L♥valizious

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