7 Awesome Pastel Hair Colors to Try out This Summer ...


There are so many awesome pastel hair colors that are worth trying out this summer! It's definitely a hot trend because it's an awesome way of expression. What better way to say what you're feeling than dying your hair pastel shades of pink and blue?! I have yet to try out the look but I'm seriously considering doing it in the very near future. Check out some of the awesome ways to rock pastel hair colors and then let me know which colors are your favorites!

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Teal One of the most popular pastel hair colors is teal. A lot of people use the color alone or do an ombre style with another color! Personally, I love teal and pink together. I think the two colors are very girly and perfect for the summertime. What other color would you pair teal with? This is just one of many awesome pastel hair colors to try out this summer.



Lilac Celebrities like Kelly Osbourne and Nicole Richie have taken the plunge and gone purple. If you ask me, they look FAB! Purple's just one of those colors that look great on anyone and everyone. Maybe that's why it's one of my absolute favorite colors. If I were to just dye my hair and go pastel today, I would definitely choose a cool lilac/purple color.



Pink One of my personal favorites is the pastel pink color! I think it's very sweet, delicate, and feminine. Plus, pink would look awesome with any outfit. Am I right, ladies?! Celebrities like Demi Lovato have embraced pink hair in the past! It's definitely a risky look but I think it's totally worth it.


Blue + Green

Blue + Green Who knew the ombre trend could look just as good with pastel colors? Mixing two vibrant colors is perfect for the summertime since it's all about having that 'pop' of color! Blue and green are two colors that look amazing together. Would you rather have the top or lower half blue/green?


Purple + Green

Purple + Green Purple and green just so happen to be two of my favorite colors. I think they pair really nicely together. They're definitely 'statement' colors so if you like being expressive, try these two colors together! Your hairstyle is sure to be a hit with all of your friends.


Two Toned

Two Toned Kesha's another celebrity who recently embraced the pastel colored hairstyle! She had a two-toned look: half teal, half pink. She can pretty much rock any style and color, so this was no exception. I don't know if I'd ever be bold enough to have both halves of my head a different color but she sure makes me wish I was!


Rainbow Ombre

Rainbow Ombre If you're not afraid of making a statement, try this look out. Rainbow colored ombre screams out 'summertime,' don't you think? Personally, I think I'd experiment with hair chalk before deciding to go all out, but that's just me! If you're ready to take the plunge, go for it. What colors would you use?

Well, there you have it! These are just seven out of many awesome hair possibilities to try out this summer. I absolutely love pastel colors and am dying to try one of these looks out! Of the list, which is your favorite? If you already rock pastel hair, what color is it?

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I love pastel colors

That rainbow ombré is photoshopped…I've seen that pic before not photoshopped…really pretty colors though.

I love the teal, pink, and purple but not together!


rainbow ombré is it !

as a cosmetologist, these colors are pretty but hard to maintain. also it's a lot of damage to your hair if you aren't a natural blonde because you have to bleach out the color in your hair to where it's light enough to get that vibrant pastel color that you're looking for. they're pretty, but definitely have to think of all the work, damage and maintenance

I've been dark purple but I wish I could do lilac or teal

I really want to go pink or pale/light lilac ugh I love them!

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