7 Awesome Pastel Hair Colors to Try out This Summer ...

There are so many awesome pastel hair colors that are worth trying out this summer! It's definitely a hot trend because it's an awesome way of expression. What better way to say what you're feeling than dying your hair pastel shades of pink and blue?! I have yet to try out the look but I'm seriously considering doing it in the very near future. Check out some of the awesome ways to rock pastel hair colors and then let me know which colors are your favorites!

1. Teal

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One of the most popular pastel hair colors is teal. A lot of people use the color alone or do an ombre style with another color! Personally, I love teal and pink together. I think the two colors are very girly and perfect for the summertime. What other color would you pair teal with? This is just one of many awesome pastel hair colors to try out this summer.

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