23 Beautiful Photographs of Women with Unicorn Hair ...

By Jennifer

Pretty pinks, beautiful blues, pastel purples, perfect platinums - these colors make up the unicorn hair trend, and it's just as magical as it sounds. Here are a few photos to show you just what I mean.

1 Her Unicorn Style

Her Unicorn Style

2 Her Magical Blue

Her Magical Blue It matches her eyes! Wow!

3 Her Platinum-to-pink Balayage

Her Platinum-to-pink Balayage

4 Her Rainbow-unicorn Hair

Her Rainbow-unicorn Hair

5 Katelyn's Short Style

Katelyn's Short Style Love the contact lenses, too!

6 Her Hair... Mermaid or Unicorn?

Her Hair... Mermaid or Unicorn?

7 Kimmy's Bright Pink Interpretation

Kimmy's Bright Pink Interpretation

8 Her Gorgeous Colors

Her Gorgeous Colors

9 Justine's Somewhat Subtle Style

Justine's Somewhat Subtle Style

10 Her Very Vivid Colors

Her Very Vivid Colors

11 Lily's Pretty Pink Bob

Lily's Pretty Pink Bob

12 Her Shades of Pink

Her Shades of Pink

13 Her Teal Tresses

Her Teal Tresses

14 Jessica's Pretty Purple

Jessica's Pretty Purple

15 Laura's Pretty Pink

Laura's Pretty Pink

16 Kristina's Pastel Pink

Kristina's Pastel Pink

17 Her Rose Gold

Her Rose Gold

18 Her Unicorn Hologram Hair

Her Unicorn Hologram Hair

19 Her Prismatic Pastels

Her Prismatic Pastels

20 Jan's Darker Colors

Jan's Darker Colors

21 Kayde's Pale Purple Unicorn Hair

Kayde's Pale Purple Unicorn Hair

22 Kate's Entire Look!

Kate's Entire Look!

23 Amanda's Magical Magenta

Amanda's Magical Magenta

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