9 Best Hair Straighteners to Invest in ...

Best Hair Straighter articles are a dime a dozen, and I always wonder whether or not the authors have any knowledge of the products. I can promise you, however, that if you’re really looking for the best hair straighteners on the market, I can totally help you out. Why? Because the Better Half has used at least a dozen different ones throughout the course of our relationship, and is always very vocal about the pros and cons! I’ve compiled a list of the straighteners and flat irons that really passed the test, so if you’re looking for the best hair straightener for you, then simply read on!

1. Conair Infiniti Ionic Steam Straightener

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Price: $32.04 at amazon.com
Don’t let the price fool you. Just because something is expensive doesn’t mean it’s going to be the best hair straightener, true, but you’ve also got to pay for quality on occasion, especially with your hair. When I bought this model for the BH, it was around $100 and it was worth every penny. A specimen who generally goes through one straightener every six months is still using this one! It’s especially awesome because of the water inputting system, which helps to get your hair straighter, give it volume, and keep it from getting dry!

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