7 Celebrities Wearing a Topknot - Who Wore It Best?

I love seeing celebrities wearing a topknot bun. The look can be casual and toned down or sleek and sophisticated; in other words, topknot buns are extremely versatile and can look great worn anyway. This is one of the many reasons I love this hair trend. Some celebrities have been sporting the look for many years, while others are just now jumping on the topknot bandwagon. No matter when or how they chose to wear it, one thing is for certain, each of the celebrities on this list wears the hairstyle well! Now we want to hear from you, which of these celebrities wearing a topknot pulls it off best?

1. Jennifer Lopez

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J-Lo is one of the celebrities wearing a topknot. Jennifer Lopez is no stranger to the hairstyle and has been seen wearing one on several occasions. Iā€™m a huge fan of when she wore the bun to the 2013 Grammy Awards. Her bun along with her bronzy makeup and sexy black gown gave her one of the best looks of the night.

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