7 Celebrities Wearing Braids - Who Wore It Best?

I adore seeing celebrities wearing braids. Braids are a look almost anyone can pull off with ease, so seeing a star rocking braids gives me hope I can recreate the look. You can dress braids up or dress them down and either way, they are going to look fabulous. Each of these celebrities wearing braids pulled them off magnificently, but we still want to know who you believe wore the hairstyle best!

1. Elizabeth Olsen

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One of my favorite celebrities wearing braids is Elizabeth Olsen. The younger sister to the famous twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, wore a stylish side braid to a pre-Golden Globes Party in 2012. The star wore a floral and black cut out gown from the Proenza Schouler Spring 2012 collection. Elizabeth Olsen looked gorgeous and showed us that she is just as much of a style icon as her older siblings.

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