Stylish Celebrities Wearing Ponytails - Who Wore It Best?

I love seeing celebrities wearing ponytails because they are so versatile. A ponytail can look casual or chic โ€“ or both simultaneously. Ponytails look just as good on the runway as they do while running errands. While these 9 celebrities wearing ponytails all rock them differently, the question is, who wore it best?

1. Beyoncรฉ

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It should be no surprise that Beyoncรฉ is one of the celebrities wearing ponytails on this list. Queen B has rocked several different hairstyles and the ponytail is no exception. Bey wore a sleek ponytail to the Grammy Awards with her hair wrapped around the band. This elegant updo accentuated Beyoncรฉโ€™s amazing bone structure and really made her eyes shine.

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