7 Chic Ways to Wear a Head Scarf This Summer ...


7 Chic Ways to Wear a Head Scarf This Summer ...
7 Chic Ways to Wear a Head Scarf This Summer ...

So many fantastic ways to wear a headscarf, so many fantastic headscarves to complete your summer style with – don’t fight it, ladies, you know you want to give it a shot! Learning how to wear a headscarf is super-easy, making this style work with your outfit is actually even easier so take a look at these amazing headscarf hairstyles below to decide which way you want to take your headscarf-style this summer and how fun, chic or glam you want to go:

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Three Awesome Ways to Wear a Headscarf

Show off your gorgeous curls while keeping the bulk conveniently pulled up this summer by opting for any one of these three amazing looks! This video tutorial right here will teach you how to pull off a bowtie, a turban and a chic bandana look, giving you at least three ideas on what to do with your medium long super curly hair in order to look fabulous despite the hot, hot weather!


Beach Ready Head Scarf Hairstyle

As amazing as it looks, this fantastic style isn’t very comfortable to wear to the beach in case you like to spend a lot of time swimming or taking part in various beach sports. I have, however, seen a lot of girls sporting it while getting their tan or relaxing with a book or a magazine and, yes, it is a fantastic-looking one to wear in case you prefer to spend your time on dry land acquiring that tropical tan. But apart from looking great, this 'do also helps to protect hair which is awesome in case yours has been through a lot and needs a bit of extra care and pampering. Enjoy!


Cute Boho Scarf up-do

This next summer hairstyle idea is something you can wear during the day or turn into a fantastic party hairstyle by simply choosing a more glamorous-looking scarf. Ideal for wavy layered hair or as a second day fix for beachy waves gone loose, it’s actually quite a versatile ‘do you ought to check out in case head scarves seem like something you’d like to update your summer style with.


Five Quick Ways to Wear a Headscarf

In case you have super-long hair and you’d love to use a headscarf as an accessory rather than means of getting the hair out of your face and back, you can always check out this interesting tutorial to learn five different, fun methods to make a scarf compliment your look without becoming a total look itself. Enjoy!


Turban Inspired Headscarf Hairstyle

Moving forward with more ideas on how to wear a headscarf or a head wrap and this one right here is super exotic, super chic and, of course, super-easy to do! Now, I don’t know about you but I absolutely love turban inspired headscarf hairstyles! They always make me think about The Sex and The City movie and that fantastic Cavalli head-to-toe look J.Lo went for in her “I’m Into You” video.


Retro Scarf up do

This sexy pin up meets rockabilly summer hairstyle idea is perfect for you in case you love everything vintage and have a breath-taking pair of denim cut out shorts and sky-high wedges you’re looking forward to rocking this sunny season! And if I go forward and just state the obvious, which is that your hair doesn’t have to be perfectly clean or perfectly styled to achieve this look, I’m sure you’ll agree on it being the ace every girl would want to have up her sleeve these days.


Three Haute Couture Ways to Wear a Headscarf Turban Style

And I’ve saved the best for last which means that, if you loved the videos so far, you’ll fall madly in love with this one! Get your favorite vintage scarf out, darling, (and it doesn’t have to be a Hermes one) because these three luxe turban variations would be a shame to miss!

Any other ways to wear a headscarf you’d like to share? Do tell! Glamorous, easy to do and second or third day-friendly, headscarf hairstyles are a summer must and one of those rare trends that keep coming back year after year after year!

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