7 Fab Pro-Looking DIY Ombre Tutorials ...


7 Fab Pro-Looking DIY Ombre Tutorials ...
7 Fab Pro-Looking DIY Ombre Tutorials ...

DIY Ombre Tutorials, some bleach or dye, a bit of free time and a lot of courage are everything a girl needs to score this trendy look in the comfort of her own home. It may sound more like a huge gamble than a fun DIY but, hey, it’s either that or the salon and we all know that a pro Ombre can cost hundreds of dollars to get. The choice is yours to make it, of course, but, should you decide to go with DIY Ombre hair, these videos will be of a lot of help. Scroll down to find many DIY Ombre tutorials to use as guides -- and happy DIY-ing, of course!

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Suble, Sun Kissed Ombre

Oh la la! I’ve decided to start big this time and show one of those super pro DIY Ombre Tutorials first! Now, I know this looks super difficult and probably is for all of us who are unused to dyeing our own hair, but here’s a thought – show this to your sister, mom, BFF or even a stylist and ask her to recreate the look for you. But let’s move on, shall we? I have more videos to show you!


Honey Ombre

Okay, so if the first video got you thinking that you’ll never be able to make a fantastic looking, budget-friendly Ombre at home, here’s one amazing DIY Ombre tutorial to help ward those depressive thoughts away! It’s simple and fun to do, will only cost you a tube of light blonde dye and 30 minutes of your time and you don’t even have to know how to work a dye brush! How cool is that?


Blond to Ombre Tutorial

Bleaching the ends of your un-dyed hair to get an Ombre look is relatively easy… but what if your hair is blonde? Well, this next video will provide a brilliant answer to that question! More than that, actually! You get a show and tell on how to go from totally blonde to Ombre at home. And you won’t even need a brush to do it!


Bleach & Dye Ombre

Oh my, I really like this Ombre! Take a look and definitely give it some thought if you have dark hair, as it will look way more natural than bleach only. Once you bleach you can choose the color that you like. This reddish tone, for example, looks fantastic on dark hair although, you can give caramel or light brown a go as well!


No Bleach Red Ombre

Speaking about colors that look amazing against dark hair – have you considered DIY Ombre hair in red? I love, love, love this look so much and the fact that you don’t have to bleach and damage your hair is just a sweet, sweet cherry on top that no one in their right mind should even want to resist! What do you dark-haired ladies say? Red Ombre – yay or nay?


DIY Ombre Tutorial for Short Hair

But Ombre is hardly a style only long haired ladies can rock! In fact, here’s one interesting talk-through to prove it! Now, I don’t know about you, but I really think this dyeing technique looks fantastic on this gorgeous gal’s short bob! It’s chic, unusual, you can totally see all three colors gradually fading into each other… a total success, in short!


Dramatic Ombre for Short Hair

Last on my list of tutorials to help you nail DIY Ombre hair is for all of you ladies with short hair who found the previous video interesting but a bit lacking in terms of color application description. Yup, we didn’t get to see that, but it doesn’t really matter – this video here explains it all. I would advise you to apply the bleach to your ends first to get a better fade, but other than that, thumbs up for the brave lady who decided to make this tutorial!

What are your thoughts on DIY Ombre hair? Would you risk it? I most certainly would… I mean, seriously, have you seen the prices stylists charge for this look?

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The Italian girl is hilarious. I may try this out on my bobbed hair.

I have been rocking ombré for about 9 months now and. I freaking love it!!!

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