7 Fabulous Celebrity Hair Crushes We Absolutely Adore ...

No matter how perfect your hair is, you're still going to have celebrity hair crushes and looks you want to borrow. The women in Hollywood are so gorgeous that it can make you jealous, but don't fret. Instead of getting envious, try to take aspects of their look and incorporate them into your own style. Your celebrity hair crushes will be flattered that you're modeling your locks after them.

1. Mila Kunis

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No matter what role she plays or what red carpet she appears on, Mila Kunis always looks stylish. She's found a way to make her hair appear soft with a sheen. It's difficult to get the perfect amount of curls and bounce to your hair, but she manages to do so. One of the celebrity hair crushes you should model yourself after is Mila. There's never a time when she doesn't look perfect.

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