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13 Fabulous DIY Fascinators ...

By Meream

For those looking to get some pretty crafts done this weekend, I give you a list of fab and stylish DIY fascinators. A fascinator, for those who are not familiar with the accessory, is a headpiece that is often made of flowers, lace, feathers, and jewels. They are beautiful vintage-inspired hair accessories that are easy to make and even easier to customize. So get ready for some girly craft adventure and check out these beautiful DIY fascinators.

1 White Silk

White SilkIsn't this pretty? The great thing about this DIY fascinator is that you will be attaching it to thin elastic headband. This makes it easy for you to keep the components of the fascinator in place.

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2 Delicate Feather

Delicate FeatherIsn't this lovely? If you look closely, you will realize that the petals of this white "flower" are made of feather. To make this, you will need feather cut into petal shapes, felt, and a pretty button. Assemble like a flower using hot glue and enjoy.

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3 Birdcage Veil

Birdcage VeilFascinators make for beautiful veils. Add a birdcage detail to a white fascinator and you'll have one pretty addition to your wedding attire. The only materials you will need are a faux flower, netting, wire, stiff fabric, and a comb. Assembly and decoration will be up to you.

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4 Steampunk Hat

Steampunk HatHow cool is this? This may be my favorite from this list of DIY fascinators. To make this pretty Steampunk fascinator, you will need to make a hat using cardboard covered with faux leather and bias tape. Glue or sew flowers, feathers, ribbon, and other details to the top and you're done.

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5 Pearl Cluster

Pearl ClusterThis DIY fascinator is subdued and less bridal but it's still quite pretty. This is one of the tutorials here that will give you a teeny hat style fascinator. To make this, you will need felt, tulle, and faux pearls.

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6 Felt Flowers

Felt FlowersGorgeous, right? If you are not into the whole over-the-top headpiece style, this felt flower variation might be perfect for you. Not only is this simple, as far as fascinators go, it's also very easy to make. Check out the tutorial in the link.

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7 Giant Flower

Giant FlowerThis is another simple DIY fascinator idea that is easy and fun to make. You will need two strips of fabric rolled into a pretty rose. Design variation: use printed fabric or add feathers and beads. You can also glue this to some felt and a comb so that you can wear it easily.

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8 Glittery Leaves

Glittery LeavesEver wondered how you can repurpose those glittery Christmas flowers sold in stores? Make a fascinator! Glue the petals like playing cards, add pretty tulle, and you're done.

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9 Lace

LaceThis is a lovely fascinator DIY that is easy to make, too. You simply gather one side of the lace, shape into a flower, and glue onto a piece of felt. Add feathers, beads, and other fun details.

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10 Cushioned and Feathered

Cushioned and FeatheredCan you believe that this DIY fascinator has a kitchen trivet? Cool, right? Aside from the trivet, you will need batting, felt, netting, hair clips, and glue. Check out the tutorial to see how to assemble this pretty fascinator.

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11 Velvet Bow

Velvet BowThe look of a velvet bow is so chic and timeless. You can dress it up for a night out or wear it with jeans for a more casual look. Who would have ever thought making a velvet bow fascinator would be so easy?!

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12 Buttons

ButtonsWhether they are bright and playful or have a vintage flair to them, buttons make great hair accessories for any age. You can add feathers and flowers to dress up the buttons or leave them as is for something more unique.

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13 Knit Bow

Knit BowIs this not the most adorable DIY fascinator idea you've ever seen? If I had a little girl, I would make knit bows to match every outfit of hers! So I may just make them to match my own outfits, because you're never too old to wear cute accessories in your hair.

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So there you have fab DIY fascinators to make. I hope that these inspire you to get crafty and creative. I think I will be making something similar to the Steampunk and glittery leaves idea. How about you?

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