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Fabulous Hair Perfumes to Keep You Smelling Sweet All Day Long ...

By Eliza

Spritzing perfume into your hair is a great way to ensure that your scent stays with you all day long. Each time you fluff or brush your strands, you release your perfume. Instead of using the same old type, why not try one of the new hair perfumes? They are designed to give you a great scent, but many also offer hair care benefits. Try these today!

1 Pink Sugar

This blend of fruit and cotton candy is the perfect way to smell girly all day long.

2 For Beach Hair

For Beach
This mist is created for hair and body and will leave you with beachy waves and a fabulous coconut smell.


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3 Burberry Brit Hair Mist

Burberry Brit Hair
Blackberry and orange makes this hair mist one that will quickly become your favorite.

4 Marchesa Hair Mist

Marchesa Hair
The light floral scent of this hair mist is totally intoxicating - for you and for others.

5 Flowerbomb Hair Mist

Flowerbomb Hair
Orchid, rose, jasmine and freesia come together to make this hair mist one of the best smelling ones out there.

6 Miss Dior Hair Mist

Miss Dior Hair
Everyone you meet will love this blend of mandarin orange and roses.

7 Clean Fragrance

If you want a clean, fresh scent, this hair mist has it. It also offers UV protection to keep your hair healthy.

8 Coconut and Cream Hair Mist

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This hair mist also works for your body and has a delicious smell that will remind your dessert.

9 Gypsy Water

This one isn't cheap, but you will love how your hair smells and feels when you use it.

10 Narcisco Rodriguez

Amber and pink floral combine to create the perfect feminine hair perfume for any girl.

11 St. Barth's Hair Fragrance

St. Barth's Hair
You are going to adore the citrus tones of this hair perfume.

12 Angel Hair Mist

Angel Hair
Any angel will tell you that you will definitely turn some heads when you put this scent in your hair.

13 Protective Hair Perfume

Protective Hair
Not only does this hair perfume make you smell wonderful, but it also protects your hair at the same time.

14 Heat Activated Hair Perfume

Heat Activated Hair
This hair perfume gets even better smelling in the heat, so wear it when you workout.

15 Pink Friday Hair Mist

Pink Friday Hair
This creation from Nicki Minaj will make your hair smell heavenly.

16 Ariana Grande Hair Mist

Ariana Grande Hair
With just a hint of marshmallow, this hair perfume is about as perfect as it gets.

17 Bless Your Hair

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The sweet magnolia scent of this hair perfume is so fabulous that you'll never want any other kind.

Are you excited to try hair perfumes? Which one are you planning to buy?

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