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7 Helpful Hints for Mastering the Swoopy Bang ...

By Alicia

The swoopy bang has become the bang to have as of late. But it’s not quite as easy to achieve this look as you may have hoped. If you’re trying to master the swoopy bang then this article has the hints you need to help you do that. Pretty soon, you’ll be creating this hairstyle with ease.

1 Clue Your Hairstylist in

If you want to wear a swoopy bang then you need to let your hairstylist know. Having your bangs cut correctly for this style is important. You’ll have much better results if you have the right bang cut to work with. Explain what you’re going for or show your hairstylist a picture. Getting the right cut is step number one.

2 Dry Downward

You would think that you would dry your bangs to the side, right? This was the thought that I had when I first started trying out this style. But with a little instruction from my hairstylist, I learned this was not the case. You should actually dry your bangs in a downward motion. The swooping comes in later.


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3 Straighten Downward

Again, I was surprised that you didn’t automatically style your bangs to the side when going for a swoopy bang. You should straighten your bangs downward, too. It’s good if you can straighten them out and down. Try to pull them out a bit as you straighten them to prevent them from lying right against your forehead. After this, you’ll be ready to start swooping.

4 Section Bangs

Here’s another tip for you. It can be helpful to section your bangs off just as you do the rest of your hair. This is an especially helpful tip to follow if you have a thick bang. It may be too much to dry and straighten at one time. Also, work with one section at a time when you start moving your bangs over into the swoop.

5 Start Bumping over

After you’ve dried and straightened your bangs in a downward manner it’s time to start bumping them over. Take your time and start gently manipulating your hair over with your fingers. Pushing them over quickly all at one time probably won’t give you the results you’re hoping for. Move a bit of your bangs at a time. When you’ve got them where you want them, it’s time for hairspray.

6 Spray While Holding Hair in Place

This little secret may be one you’ve always known but it was one that was new to me. You really need to hold your hair in the exact place you wish for it to stay when you spray it with hairspray. Your hair is not going to know to move into place. You have to actually hold it with your hand to get the best results. You may want to put your hand under the bottom of your bang to give it the perfect swoop as you spray.

7 Watch Some Tutorials

This isn’t an easy hairstyle to master. At least, it wasn’t for me. It took instruction from my hairstylist, watching some hair tutorials and lots of practice before I finally got the hang of the swoopy bang. Be patient with yourself if you’re struggling. Watching some hair tutorials is a good idea because you can get some explanations in different ways. Also, seeing it done over and over can help you to finally get the hang of it.

Are you trying to master the swoopy bang? Which of these steps were you missing? Share your experiences in learning this hairstyle.

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