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Here's How to Pull off the Sexy "Undone" Trend ...

By Eliza

According to beauty experts around the globe, the “undone” trend is having a huge moment right now. It doesn’t mean you’ll look messy or like you didn’t put in any effort, but it gives you a pleasantly tousled look that’s both put together and attractive at the same time. Wouldn’t you love a routine that doesn’t take very long while still leaving you looking fabulous? Me too! Here’s everything you need to know about getting the look just right.

1 Use Your Fingers

Your fingers are your best friend when it comes to looking a little bit undone. Instead of blow drying, combing, brushing and styling, you’re simply going to give your strands a once over with your fingers. Gently detangle your hair, apply a lightweight product, then tousle and you’re set! Gotta love a two-minute hair style, right?

2 Serum Hair Oil

This product won’t weigh your hair down, but it will give it just the right amount of shine and sheen. You want to apply it in small amounts through your hair all the way to the tips. That way it can do its magic all over. The bonus is that while you apply it, you’re gently messing your hair so it looks a bit undone without looking crazy and wild.

3 Partial Blow Dry

As I said above, you don’t have to blow dry to get the undone trend, but stylists on the runway suggest blow drying just a part of your hair. They recommend blasting the top layers so they’re smooth and leaving the bottom layers loose, wavy and undone. This creates a polished look that still looks unfussy.

4 Skip the Straightener

As a girl with curly hair, I know all about the lure of the hair straightener. There’s definitely something to be said about stick straight hair, but if undone is what you want, step away from the straightener. Let your hair air dry naturally and enhance whatever wave or curl you get to create a devil may care attitude that still leaves you looking fabulous.

5 Try a Braid

I love a braid because it lets me have a cool style even on days when my hair is out of control. I like to corral my bangs into a side braid when they get frizzy and fluffy. A braid is a great undone trend tool because it lets you look causal without looking like you don’t even own a comb or brush. Try an all over braid or add a small one to your style to create an undone look that everyone will compliment you on.

6 No Slicked Back Look

To look undone, you don’t want to choose a slicked back hairstyle. It will look like you put in too much effort and you won’t look even a little bit undone. If you want to rock an updo, go for it, but leave a few pieces out. They should frame your face, but look a little bit messy at the same time. This works for ponytails, braids, buns and topknots.

7 Choose the Right Make-up

Once you get your hair just right, you want to be sure you combine it with the right undone make-up look so you have an all over style that works together. Experts suggests neutral pink blush, a warm brown eyeshadow and a simple tinted lip balm. There! You’re ready for anything.

Do you like the undone trend? I have to say that I guess I was cool before it was hot to be undone because this has been my look for years. What other tips do you have for an undone look?

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