How to Make Shaving Less Painful ...

By Holly

Shaving shouldn't be painful. After all, it's something you do on a daily basis, so you don't want it to be something you dread. Of course, if you follow these tips from Teen Vogue, shaving will never hurt again:

Table of contents:

  1. exfoliate your skin
  2. wait a few minutes in the shower
  3. use a soothing shaving cream
  4. save your ankles and knees for last
  5. replace your disposable razors
  6. use a soothing moisturizer

1 Exfoliate Your Skin

You want to remove your dead skin cells before you shave. So make sure you exfoliate!

2 Wait a Few Minutes in the Shower

Don't shave as soon as you step into the shower. The longer you let the water wash over you, the more your hair follicles will open up. That means you'll be able to shave easier.

3 Use a Soothing Shaving Cream

Pick one with "natural vegetable oils and butters." It's healthy for your skin and will make shaving ten times easier.

4 Save Your Ankles and Knees for Last

These are the areas that can hurt you the most. That's why you want to save them for last, to give them a chance to soak for longer.

5 Replace Your Disposable Razors

You should replace your razors every single month. You don't want to use them for too long or they won't do their job properly.

6 Use a Soothing Moisturizer

This will reduce any redness that appears on your skin. It's a real life saver!

What other shaving tips do you have?

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