13 Lovely DIY Headbands to Make ...


13 Lovely DIY Headbands to Make ...
13 Lovely DIY Headbands to Make ...

DIY Headbands are great craft projects. They are great because they are usually easy to make, require only a few materials, and can easily be tailored to fit a little girl or an adult's head. DIY headbands make for wonderful handmade gifts, too. I admit that I don't like wearing headbands because they give me headaches but I do love making them. I spent many hours in Home Economics class hand sewing DIY headbands out of scrap fabrics. Fun times.

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Sweet, Skinny, and Ruffly

Sweet, Skinny, and Ruffly Using a strip of fabric decorated with even more fabric, Beverly shows us how to go about making these DIY headbands. While the ruffled band and fabric rosettes look very pretty, I think what I love about these is their colors. So Earth-y and lovely, yes?



Double Strand Lace

Double Strand Lace This DIY headband is Boho beautiful. That's not the best part about this headband, though. The best part is that it's incredibly easy to make. You can even hand sew this. Design variation: use thicker lace.



Knotty Nautical

Knotty Nautical Looking for a headband to wear to a beach date? Look no further because this nautical headband is calling out your name.



'50s Bowtie

'50s Bowtie From the blog: The 50s are back in fashion and what better way to channel your inner Betty Draper than with this sweet bowtie headband. Yep, that is one fantastic reason to go on a crafty adventure.



Pearly Anthropologie-Inspired

Pearly Anthropologie-Inspired Don't you just love craft projects inspired by Anthropologie products? This particular DIY headband, for instance, is a much cheaper version of what you can buy from their stores.



Satin Flower

Satin Flower I love making these satin flowers! I have made these types of rosettes for dresses, bags, and other accessories. Clever Ashley made them for making pretty headbands.



Autumn Leaf

Autumn Leaf According to Josie, these are "the easiest DIY like...EVER." It may be easy to make but it sure looks store-bought and oh-so-pretty.



Perfectly Pleated

Perfectly Pleated Oh gosh, how adorable! Yes, the headband is cute, too. This is a fantastic handmade headband idea because it is so easy to glam up or dress down. Check out the tutorial link to see what I'm talking about.




Reversible Got scrap fabrics that you can't part with? I know the feeling. Now there is no point letting them gather dust; use some to make this wonderfully cute reversible headband.



Hanging Chains

Hanging Chains This one is very easy to do. If you're looking for a DIY headband that looks unique and quite glitzy, this tutorial has got you covered. This hanging chain idea is Topshop-inspired but don't go buy one, you hear?



Bow Update

Bow Update Got a broken store-bought headband? Don't throw it away, I beg of you. Let it inspire you to get crafty! Check out how Mrs. Priss made over her broken headband.



Braided Beauty

Braided Beauty The materials used for the braided bits of this DIY headband are leather, rope, and ball chain. I'm pretty sure I have those. After I hit publish, I will give this tutorial a go.



Felt Flowers

Felt Flowers I love headbands that can be worn year round, and this felt flower one just looks so chic that it can be worn with anything, anytime. The tutorial looks pretty simple to, who would have guessed that these amazing flowers would be easy to make!


Hope you find some crafty inspiration from these DIY headbands. Take note: these DIY headbands can be used for more than just your daily head wear; they are also perfect wedding accessories. The floral ones will definitely look adorable on your cute flower girls' heads.

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How would you make the knotty nautical headband? I really like it :)

@Anonymous, you have to click the blue bold words that say tutorial, it'll tell you how :)

How exactly would you make this one? It's super cute!

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