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The classic bob is popular for a reason; it's simple and stylish. However, it can get a bit dull (I should know - I've sported one on and off for years!). But there are plenty of ways to vary this classic cut and give it some much-needed oomph. So if you're wedded to your faithful bob, consider bringing it up to date with one of these variations …

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Sixties Inspired

Sixties Inspired There's something very Vidal Sassoon-esque about this variation on the bob. It's cut to give it plenty of volume at the back, so could work well if you have fine hair. From the front it will look similar to a bob, but the long side swept bangs give the cut an angular look that makes it different from the clasic cut.


Angular Cut

Angular Cut This is the picture that I took into the salon recently when looking for a change from my standard bob, and I was absolutely delighted with the results. It's transformed a boring one-length cut into a much more flattering look. It's a very angular cut, so will be ideal if a more symmetrical cut looks as dull on you as it did on me (I really should have gone for a change years ago!).


Angular cuts are one of the most popular variations of the classic bob haircut. This cut is characterized by sharp, angled lines that create a more symmetrical look that can be tailored to any face shape. The angular cut can be achieved through various techniques, such as layering, tapering, or using a razor to create a more textured look.

The angular cut is a great option for those looking for a change from their standard bob. It can add volume and body to flat, lifeless hair, as well as give a more modern look. The cut can also be tailored to suit any face shape, as the angles can be adjusted to flatter different facial features.

The angular cut is also a great choice for those who want to try something different without making a drastic change. It's easy to maintain and can be styled to look different every day. With the right styling tools and products, the angular cut can be made to look sleek and polished for a night out or tousled and casual for a more relaxed look.


Wavy Bob

Wavy Bob If you've got a slight wave to your hair, then Marion Cotillard's relaxed version of the bob could suit you. It's an effortless style that you can get simply by scrunching your hair as it dries. If you want a more casual look that's quick and easy, this is the cut for you.


Wispy Bob

Wispy Bob Jennifer Hudson's one of those women who looks gorgeous whatever length she wears her hair, but she's particularly fond of the bob. And she's worn a number of variations on the cut. Here she's sporting a wispy bob which is great if your hair refuses to behave and stay in a smooth cut - you can also get the look with a texturising product.


Voluminous Bob

Voluminous Bob Do you like big hair? You can still have a bob and get lots of volume. This bob will need lots of product at the roots as you dry your hair upside down. The more volume you can get, the better! This is a good cut if you have fine hair and need to add some bulk to your hair.


Longer at the Front

Longer at the Front Another way to modernise the classic bob is by making it much longer at the front. This allows the hair to swing forwards and frame your face, but also means that you don't have lots of hair at the back.


Uneven Bob

Uneven Bob This kind of cut takes a lot of confidence to pull off, but if you have the nerve to go for it you're guaranteed a cool variation on the bob. No-one can call this cut boring! It's longer at one side than the other, and is a cut for the girl who dares to be different. It will also look amazing with a bold color or streaks through it.

The bob certainly works if you want a classic look, and it'll never go completely out of fashion. But you can give your bob a new life with one of these cuts. You'll feel like a new woman!

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Some of these look like wigs? They are cute but deceiving.

Was I the only thinking that number 7 had great nails

Wish I have the guts to do short hair. I look like a boy if I cut my hair so short.

They're all beautiful, I second that @She, dont have the guts either to go that short

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