30 Mindblowing Hair Facts You Never Knew until Now ...

By Eliza

Msn.com is a wealth of information, including this fab stuff about your hair. When you fully understand your strands, you can do a better job of styling and taking care of them. If you've always dreamed of being the girl with the best hair in town, this info is going to help you get there. Some of it is helpful while some is just interesting. Whatever you need to know about your hair, you're going to find it here.

Table of contents:

  1. forensic evidence
  2. in the bloodstream
  3. hair follicles
  4. forming hair
  5. hair is stretchy
  6. hair color numbers
  7. red hair
  8. hair regrows all the time
  9. fast growing tissue
  10. longest hair
  11. growing phase
  12. blonde hair and prostitution
  13. red hair = vampires
  14. removing unwanted hair
  15. split ends
  16. scottish red hair
  17. shedding hair
  18. african hair
  19. weather and hair growth
  20. hair is insulation
  21. shaving the beard
  22. blonde is more expensive
  23. hair is strong
  24. won't grow faster
  25. blondes have more hair
  26. hair roots are alive
  27. five year lifespan
  28. goosebumps
  29. no straight hair
  30. long beard

1 Forensic Evidence

Although hair is one of the most common types of forensic evidence, you can't tell someone's gender from a strand of their hair.

2 In the Bloodstream

The core structure of the human hair can reveal information about everything that has ever been in the bloodstream, including drugs.

3 Hair Follicles

There are approximately 5 million hair follicles in the human body.

4 Forming Hair

All of the hair follicles in humans are formed by the time a fetus is just five months old.

5 Hair is Stretchy

Hair can stretch up to 30 per cent of its original length when wet.

6 Hair Color Numbers

The most common natural hair colour globally is black. Blondes make up just 2 per cent of the population.

7 Red Hair

Red is the rarest hair colour, found in one per cent of the population.

8 Hair Regrows All the Time

Every time a hair falls out, it will re-grow. It can do this up to 20 times in a lifetime.

9 Fast Growing Tissue

After bone marrow, hair is the second fastest-growing tissue of the body.

10 Longest Hair

Xie Qiuping (pictured) from China is in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the longest hair. She started growing her locks from the age of 13. When measured on 8 May 2004, her hair length was 5.627 metres.

11 Growing Phase

At any given time, 90 per cent of the hairs on your scalp are in a growing phase, while the rest are dormant.

12 Blonde Hair and Prostitution

Did you know that blonde hair was associated with prostitution in ancient Greece?

13 Red Hair = Vampires

The ancient Greeks also believed that people with red hair turned into vampires after death.

14 Removing Unwanted Hair

Egyptians were the first people known to remove unwanted body hair using natural products.

15 Split Ends

Trichoptilosis is the scientific term for split ends.

16 Scottish Red Hair

The Scottish population has the highest percentage of redheads in the world - about 13 percent.

17 Shedding Hair

It is normal to shed between 40-150 strands of hair per day (unless you're bald, of course).

18 African Hair

African hair grows more slowly and is more prone to damage than other hair types.

19 Weather and Hair Growth

Warm weather stimulates hair growth, while cold weather inhibits it.

20 Hair is Insulation

Ever wondered why the head has so much hair? Because it does not have a layer of fat, and hair tufts act as insulation.

21 Shaving the Beard

On an average, a grown man will spend five months of his entire life shaving his beard.

22 Blonde is More Expensive

You have to shell out more money to buy a blonde wig. Blonde hair fetches as much three times the price of dark hair.

23 Hair is Strong

One hair strand can bear up to 100 grams of weight. On an average, a person has around 100,000 hair strands on head—strong enough to lift the weight of two elephants!

24 Won't Grow Faster

Trimming or cutting your hair at regular intervals will not help it grow faster; It only removes split ends, which make the hair prone to breakage.

25 Blondes Have More Hair

Blond people have more hairs on their body than people with darker hair.

26 Hair Roots Are Alive

Your hair root, located beneath the scalp, is the only part of the hair which is alive.

27 Five Year Lifespan

A single hair has a lifespan of about five years.

28 Goosebumps

We get goosebumps because stimuli, like fear or cold, cause the muscles surrounding the hair follicles to contract.

29 No Straight Hair

Nobody ever has totally straight hair. All types of hair tend to twist as they grow. The only difference is that in some people the twist occurs to a greater degree than others, giving them curly hair.

30 Long Beard

If a man does not shave his beard in his entire lifetime, it will grow to be about 30-35 feet.

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