7 Most on Trend Hairstyles for Fall 2015 ...


7 Most on Trend Hairstyles for Fall 2015 ...
7 Most on Trend Hairstyles for Fall 2015 ...

I’m beyond ready for fall and I’m sure some of you are, too. There’s so much to enjoy about the season! Fashion and hairstyles change in fun and exciting ways. Here are 7 of the most on trend hairstyles for fall 2015.

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Thick Headbands

Thick Headbands Thick headbands come and go in terms of being trendy and right now, they’re coming. This is an easy hair accessory to pull off. No complicated tutorials are needed to wear a thick headband. Simply style your hair as you normally do and add in the headband of your choice. They’re wonderful at giving your hair the look of volume at the crown.


Braids Are Sticking around

Braids Are Sticking around Braids are in and that’s not going to change for fall 2015. This is actually a great thing because it’s an awesome way to deal with hair when it’s full of static because of the cool, dry air. It’s pulled back away from your face so it isn’t sticking to everything. Static is a pet peeve of mine so I’m all for a solution that deals with the problem. And there are so many fun braids to choose from that you could wear a different one every day for at least a week.


The Messy Part

The Messy Part Messy parts are in for fall. Instead of parting your hair on an exact line, let it fall where it normally does. If it creates a bit of a zigzag, then so much the better. It’s a fun, relaxed look that you don’t have to worry about keeping perfectly in place. It’s also a good solution if you’re trying to hide roots that need done.


The Middle Part

The Middle Part The straight down the middle part is headed for trendiness this fall. This is a trend that works for some ladies better than others. For me, it’s not the most flattering part. But if it works for you, it can draw attention to a sleek, healthy mane of hair. It’s the perfect choice when you want your hair to be center stage.


Soft, Loose Curls

Soft, Loose Curls For the look of this, think of curling your hair into spiral curls and how it looks the next day. It’s a loose, easy, undone look. It’s positively gorgeous. Yes, you can achieve the look by wearing your curls on day 2 but you can also get the look from the start by going for a loose curl. Choosing a larger barrel curling iron can help you.

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The Undone Bun

The Undone Bun The undone bun is slightly different than the messy bun. The difference is that a messy bun typically sets high on the head while the undone bun is centered at the nape of the neck. It doesn’t take a lot of complicated steps to achieve this look, either. Simply gather your hair into a low ponytail and twist it into a bun. Let some little wispy hairs fall out for a more delicate look.


Adding in Some Bling

Adding in Some Bling Sparkle is always a lovely addition to your hair. Look for hair accessories with a bit of bling such as bobby pins or clips. You can wear accessories with bling in whatever style suits you best. This is a perfect hairstyle for date night or to wear when you’re having dinner with your guy’s parents for the first time. You’ll love wearing accessories like this so much that you’ll probably find yourself looking for more opportunities to wear them.

These are 7 of the most on trend hairstyles for fall. Which ones do you plan to wear? I’d love to hear from you!

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I like those headbands, it has a tribal look... very cute!!

I love the blonde loose curls. I would love my hair to look that way on day 1,2,3 and so on.

I Like nr 2! And it is very easy to do

Number two is nice and relaxed

You can wear some of these past 30. Just depends how you put it all together. Ex..hair, makeup, clothes

Buns all the way!!

@Mireya Romero: it depends on the person. I'm sure you can at least pull off the messy bun! How old are you, if you don't mind me asking? I'm 28 y. o.

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