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Going to get your hair done is always a treat. It lifts your spirits and boost your self-confidence. But there’re some things you want to remember when you go to the hair salon. Never do these 7 things so you’ll have a hair style you’re happy with and good rapport with your hairdresser.

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Create a Mess for Your Hairdresser to Clean up

Of course if you do something that messes up your hair then you want to call your hairdresser ASAP. But make it a goal to not get in the situation in the first place. Avoid trimming your bangs or coloring your hair if you’re unsure of what you’re doing. I know it’s frustrating when you’re waiting for your appointment. You just want to do a little something until you can get in at the salon but it can end disastrously.


Give Vague Descriptions

There’s room for listening to your hairdresser’s suggestions. However, you need to know what you want. It’s okay to ask if what you’re considering is a good style for your hair. But going in and telling your hair dresser that it doesn’t matter to you or for them to choose your hairstyle can end badly. It puts your hairdresser in a difficult position and you could hate the results.


Discount Your Hairdresser’s Advice

On the flip side, you don’t want to discount your hairdresser’s advice. At least listen and consider their suggestions. My hairdresser has introduced me to my favorite flat iron, given me great product suggestions and helpful styling tips. If you feel that you can’t trust your hair dresser then you need a new one. You should be able to ask them advice on anything hair related.


Have Unrealistic Expectations

The surest way to be disappointed in anything is to have unrealistic expectations. That includes your hair. For example, my hair has a fine texture. Expecting it to pull off the same styles that work best for girls with a coarse hair texture is only going to end in disappointment. Know your hair and what it’s capable of. If you’re unsure of if a style will work for you then allow your hairdresser give you some guidance.


Talk down to Your Hairdresser

You never want to talk down to your hairdresser. First of all, it’s just bad manners. Secondly, you need a good relationship with them. I consider my hairdresser to also be my friend. We spend 2 hours together every 8 weeks. It only makes sense to have a good relationship with someone that plays a regular part in your life.


Hide Your Dissatisfaction

Never hide your dissatisfaction with a hairstyle. Most hairdressers would much rather you tell them if you’re unhappy while you’re still in the shop and they can try to fix it than to leave upset. They want you to love your hair and are willing to help you do that. Even if it’s something that can’t be fixed such as cutting your hair too short, it’s still good to let them know so you can understand each other better next time. Honesty is the best policy here.


Leave without Tipping

I know that going to the hair salon can be pricey. But do try to tip your hairdresser. They’re a valuable person in your life. Even a small tip is better than none at all. It’s a small way of letting them know how much you appreciate them.

These’re 7 things to never do at the hair salon. What helps you have a great relationship with your hairdresser? Your comments are always welcome!

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I get yelled at all the time because I trim my own bangs. But the salon I go to is very expensive, and I'd rather do it myself about 3 weeks before I see her than shell out another $20 just for bangs!

I've told several hairdressers that they could do whatever they wanted, and I've always loved the result. One time I didn't say that, and the man doing my hair just informed me that he would be dying it red that day. Turned out lovely.

I am a hairstylist. And I loved this article. Agree that coming in being vague is obnoxious. It really puts us in a no win situation at times. Usually it's someone that says "whatever is ok" turns out to be the biggest nightmare. I have learned after many years stand in front of client and ask with eye contact what they DO NOT want. We are not mind readers. People in general know what they DO AND DO NOT like!!!!

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