7 of the Best Bangs in Hollywood ...

Some may call them juvenile and some may call them dated, but the ladies with the best bangs in Hollywood think differently. From fringed, to side-swept, to blunt cut and rounded, these banging beauties know that the well-placed hair that sits atop their forehead can make for some defining features. So if you’re looking for a new β€˜do, maybe model your next hairstyle from one of the best bangs in Hollywood.

1. Zooey Deschanel

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New Girl star and indie pop songstress, Zooey Deschanel arguably has the best bangs in Hollywood. So much is true, in fact, that she’s seemingly developed brand recognition for her signature hairstyle. Her thick locks make bangs a low maintenance style. With just a quick blow dry and a bit of her newly endorsed Pantene styling products, those fringed heavy bangs that blend with her layers frame her face perfectly.

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