13 of Todays Mesmerizing Hair Inspo for Girls ... Just Because ...

By Sophie

A new day, a new hairstyle! It's easy to get stuck in a hair rut if you're not careful. Here are some of our favorite hairstyles for today to inspire you to change things up! Before you browse this fabulous hair inspo, here's our special hair tip of the day:

Give your locks a boost of moisture before jumping in the pool by applying a rich oil like coconut oil or olive oil. These substances will also leave little room for chlorine absorption and since they’re of a rather thick, oily consistency, they won’t wash off right away.

Table of contents:

  1. hair inspo by @haircenterbigart, 30 likes
  2. hair inspo by @luxyhair, 2118 likes
  3. hair inspo by @dawnbradleyhair, 213 likes
  4. hair inspo by @ulyana.aster, 7928 likes
  5. hair inspo by @yourbraids, 1285 likes
  6. hair inspo by @bellamihair, 6740 likes
  7. hair inspo by @braidinglife, 512 likes
  8. hair inspo by @ninezeroone, 2431 likes
  9. hair inspo by @inspobyelvirall, 471 likes
  10. hair inspo by @beyondtheponytail, 689 likes
  11. hair inspo by @husseinsafwann, 611 likes
  12. hair inspo by @cloandflo, 68 likes
  13. hair inspo by @sweetlypinnedhair, 97 likes

1 Hair Inspo by @haircenterbigart, 30 Likes


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2 Hair Inspo by @luxyhair, 2118 Likes


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3 Hair Inspo by @dawnbradleyhair, 213 Likes


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4 Hair Inspo by @ulyana.aster, 7928 Likes


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5 Hair Inspo by @yourbraids, 1285 Likes


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6 Hair Inspo by @bellamihair, 6740 Likes


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7 Hair Inspo by @braidinglife, 512 Likes


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8 Hair Inspo by @ninezeroone, 2431 Likes


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9 Hair Inspo by @inspobyelvirall, 471 Likes


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10 Hair Inspo by @beyondtheponytail, 689 Likes


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11 Hair Inspo by @husseinsafwann, 611 Likes


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12 Hair Inspo by @cloandflo, 68 Likes


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13 Hair Inspo by @sweetlypinnedhair, 97 Likes


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