7 Pro Tips for Creating the Perfect Poof ...


Interested in how to make poofs? The hairstyle is incredibly popular, although some women are afraid to try it. I think that’s primarily because they’re afraid they’ll end up looking like the girls of Jersey Shore, especially Snooki. However, if you follow the right hair tips, you can easily create a gorgeous, perfect poof that works for you. Really, it’s a glamorous look when you do it right – and don’t overdo it! You get lots of volume, along with an adorable, retro hairstyle. Check out these fabulous tips for making poofs, you’ll see!

1. Don’t Wash

Your hair is generally easier to manage when it isn’t freshly washed. If you want to learn how to make poofs that always look perfect, you definitely need manageable hair. If you know you want to try this style, just skip a wash. Give it a try, and see if it isn’t way easier to control your hair while you’re styling it.

Upside-down Blow Dry
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