Find πŸ”Ž the Best Products for Your 'do πŸ’‡πŸΎ Right in the Refrigerator 🍌🍯 ...

How many times have you taken a moment to admire Blake Lively’s hair? Would it surprise you to know she uses hair products from the fridge and that one of the secrets for her gorgeous silky locks is mayonnaise? Blake obviously knows that lurking in your fridge is a whole host of products that not only taste great but also make your hair strong, shiny and soft. There’s all manner of conditioners, fortifiers and cleansers among those bottles and jars, Take a look at these great multi-taskers of the food and beauty world and use food for healthy hair!

1. Honey

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For centuries European monks and friendly white witches used honey to treat wounds - it's a great antiseptic. But it's also excellent for returning moisture to dry and chlorine-damaged hair. Blend a little vinegar with rosemary oil and honey for damaged hair. For hair bleached and ravaged by sun, use half a cup of honey on its own and rub into clean, damp hair. You can also blend it with egg yolk or avocado for additional conditioning power.

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